3 Things You Must Know About the Bell 429

The Bell 429 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter with a single, four-blade main rotor and retractable landing gear. It is the first Bell helicopter to feature a four-bladed rotor system, duel digital flight controls, fully integrated glass cockpit and best-in-class WAAS navigation and IFR capability.

3 Things You Must Know About the Bell 429

Bell 429 Specs

1. The Bell 429 has a maximum cruise speed of 140 knots (259 km/h; 161 mph)

2. The Bell 429 has a maximum range of 423 nmi (787 km; 489 mi)

3. The Bell 429 has a service ceiling of 20,000 ft (6,100 m)

The Bell 429 is the most technologically advanced helicopter in the world. With it’s smooth ride and state-of-the-art avionics, it’s no wonder that this helicopter is flying off the production line. If you’re looking for a new helicopter, or just want to know more about this amazing aircraft, here are three things you must know about the Bell 429:

1. It uses the Garmin G1000H glass cockpit suite.

2. The Bell 429 has a maximum cruise speed of 155 knots (287 km/h).

3. It has a maximum range of 521 nautical miles (965 km).

The Bell 429 is a state-of-the-art machine, and if you’re considering buying one, these three facts will help you make an informed decision.

If you’re in the market for a new helicopter, then you may have heard about the Bell 429 helicopter. It’s one of the most popular models on the market and it was recently put back into production after being discontinued for several years.

Here are three things that you must know about the Bell 429:

1. The Bell 429 has a great range

Because of its ability to fly for a long duration of time without needing to refuel, the Bell 429 is an excellent choice for those who need to cover a lot of ground without stopping. The Bell 429 can travel up to 255 nautical miles (472 km) while carrying up to 6 passengers and 1 pilot. This makes it ideal for those who need to travel long distances over land or water when other methods of transportation aren’t available.

2. The Bell 429 is extremely adaptable

This helicopter has been designed so that it can be used in many different ways. It’s been used by police departments, air ambulances, and private individuals who need a reliable way to get from place to place quickly. The Bell 429 can also be customized based on your specific needs. You can add new features such as external loads or an adjustable floor system which makes it even more useful than before!


The Bell 429 is a Canadian twin-engine light-utility helicopter. It was first flown on February 27, 2007 and received certification from Transport Canada Civil Aviation and the Federal Aviation Administration on July 1, 2009. The aircraft is currently produced by Bell Helicopter.

The Bell 429 is capable of speeds up to 140 knots with a range of 370 nautical miles and an endurance of about 2.5 hours. The aircraft can hold 7 passengers plus 2 pilots. The maximum internal payload is 1,500 lbs and the external payload capability is 3,000 lbs.

The Bell 429, according to Bell Helicopter, has a top speed of 140 miles per hour and a range of 340 miles. It seats seven, including the pilot. It’s equipped with a sliding side door for easier access to patients in emergencies, and it can carry up to 1,500 pounds.

The Bell 429 is a light, twin-engine helicopter. The Bell 429 GlobalRanger meets IFR and safety standards. The Bell 429 seats up to 7 passengers plus a pilot.

The aircraft has a spacious cabin, large windows and flat floor to allow easy movement within the cabin. The aircraft has dual digital automatic flight control system (DAFCS) and dual digital four-axis autopilot/flight director system, which allows for one pilot IFR operation.

The Bell 429 has advanced avionics that include a Garmin G1000H™ integrated avionics suite with three 14 inch landscape format displays for flight information, engine instrumentation and crew alerting system (EICAS), navigation and weather information display features.

The Bell 429 is a twin-engine light helicopter that was built in collaboration with Korea Aerospace, which is known as the KAI KMH-X. Its first flight was in 2007 and it was certified in 2009. The Bell 429 has a maximum speed of 155 knots and a range of 434 nautical miles. It can carry up to seven passengers, or two stretchers plus two medical attendants or an external sling load of up to 2,650 pounds.

The cabin features ergonomic seats and an available air conditioning system that can be used while the aircraft is on the ground. The cabin offers space for three crew members plus 12 passenger seats or two stretchers plus two medical attendants. The cabin measures 6’2” long and 4’5” high, providing ample room for passengers to move around and stand up.

The Bell 429 has been certified by Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for single pilot IFR operations with Category A performance capabilities. This means that it meets the most stringent safety standards set by these agencies, providing confidence to operators who fly this helicopter.

The Bell 429 is an excellent choice for executive transport and EMS operations.

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