5 Reasons You NEED To Visit the Children’s Museum in Las Vegas

Let’s face it. It’s hard to find things to do with children in Las Vegas that don’t involve the words “spray tan” and “exclusive pool party.” But have no fear, the Children’s Museum – Las Vegas is here! Located just a stone’s throw from The Strip, this amazing facility offers five floors of fun for children of all ages!

Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons you need to visit the Children’s Museum – Las Vegas:

1. It gives you a chance to work on your parenting skills.

Does your child have problems with sharing? Do you struggle with being firm but still encouraging? Playtime at the Children’s Museum is a great place to practice some of those important parenting skills. After all, nothing prepares you for real life like playing pretend!

2. It helps your child develop better motor skills.

The Children’s Museum has so many different activities that you and your child can do together. Whether it be climbing through a spider web or pulling a book off the shelf, both you and your child will be constantly moving! And what better way to keep kids busy than by getting them moving around?

The Children’s Museum – Las Vegas is one of the best things you can do with your kids in Las Vegas….and here’s why:

1.You get to go to the museum

2.What kid doesn’t love a museum? They are filled with so much stuff! Kids love that. The Children’s Museum is no different…except it is totally different. It is filled with tons of interactive exhibits, some of which are just plain fun, and some of which teach cool things! Kids will be able to learn while they play, and they won’t even realize it.

3.You don’t have to shell out a ton of money!

4.The Children’s Museum in Las Vegas is extremely affordable at only $5 per person for entrance into the museum (children under 1 are free). That includes unlimited use of all the exhibits for you and your child for the entire day! The museum is open from 9am – 4pm Tuesday through Saturday. If you want to visit on Monday, you can do that too…but only by appointment

Fun fact: Las Vegas has a Children’s Museum! And it’s awesome. We’re fortunate to have this resource in our community, and I’m proud of the work that the museum does to support our children and families. Here are 5 reasons you need to visit the Children’s Museum in Las Vegas:

1. It’s educational – but kids don’t know that!

They just think it’s fun! The museum is filled with activities that teach children about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math (STEAM). All of the exhibits are hands-on, so they can experiment while they play.

2. It helps kids develop important skills.

Creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration are at the core of everything we do at the museum. Plus, kids learn teamwork when they play together!

3. There are over 100 things for kids to do at the museum.

There are 10 permanent exhibits in our 15000 square foot space, plus 2 temporary exhibits that rotate every 6 months or so. They also host special events throughout the year that focus on holidays or seasonal topics (like Valentine’s Day or Halloween). You could easily spend an entire day at

If you are visiting Las Vegas with Kids, or even if you live here, you have to take them to the Las Vegas Children’s Museum. There is so much to do at the children’s museum and it is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Here are 5 reasons why you need to visit the Children’s Museum in Las Vegas:

1. Hands-On Learning

The Children’s Museum in Las Vegas has lots of hands-on activities for kids to learn about science, art and engineering. Activities like building structures out of foam blocks, painting murals on huge chalkboard panels, playing in the water table and more provide a fun way for kids to learn and explore!

2. A Beautiful Environment

The Children’s Museum in Las Vegas is located inside Lorenzi Park in Downtown Las Vegas. The park is beautiful and has lots of shade from mature trees. The museum also has an outside area with a big sandbox and covered picnic tables that can be reserved for parties. Kids will love playing outside on a beautiful day!

3. Educational Programs

The Children’s Museum hosts fun and educational programs that teach about various topics like recycling, nutrition, gardening and more. Most programs are free with admission.

My family and I had the pleasure of visiting the Children’s Museum in Las Vegas last weekend. I’d heard a lot about this new addition to our local attractions, but had never been able to see it for myself. When we finally got there, I was pleasantly surprised at all that it offered. Here are five reasons you need to visit the Children’s Museum in Las Vegas:

1. The majority of activities at the museum are FREE.

The first thing you notice when you walk into the museum is that most – if not all – of the activities inside are free. From playing with blocks to racing Matchbox cars down an elaborate ramp, children can have fun without spending any money. Every activity is simple and requires little assistance from parents.

2. The museum is convenient, clean and fun for kids.

Located right off of Flamingo Road next to the Natural History Museum, it’s easy to find and convenient to get to. The building is clean and bright, with lots of natural light coming through large windows at the front of the museum. There are plenty of places for kids to play and explore, all geared toward children up to age 8.

3. There’s a great park just outside the

The Children’s Museum in Las Vegas is a small museum in the southwest part of town. It has a lot of exhibits geared toward children from infants to about 9 years old, although older kids can find things to do there as well. If you are looking for something to do with your children, here are 5 reasons you need to visit the Children’s Museum.

1. The Cost

One of my favorite things about the museum is how inexpensive it is. Standard admission is just $10 per person, and kids 1 year and under get in free! Best of all, admission is good for a whole year! If your family comes back 7-10 times over the course of a year, the cost per visit drops way down. This makes it one of the cheapest activities you can do with young children in Las Vegas.

2. The Exhibits

The museum has a ton of really fun exhibits that kids love. Your little ones will enjoy playing dress up, driving cars, doing art projects and so much more! Here are some of our favorite exhibits at the museum:

The Art Studio

My son loves doing art projects and I love when he uses his imagination to create new masterpieces! In the art studio area, there are easels

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