7 Reasons You Should Never Take a Red Eye Flight

As of this writing, I am on a red eye flight. I’m not enjoying it. I chose this flight because it was the cheapest one available. As someone who travels every week, I have a few tips for getting the most out of your flights. Here are seven reasons you should never take a red eye flight:

1. You’ll feel tired the next day

I’ve been on dozens of red eyes, and I’ve never woken up the next day and felt refreshed. If you need to be productive, a red eye will hurt your productivity.

2. You can’t sleep sitting up

Even if you manage to fall asleep, you’re going to wake up with an awful backache. Sleeping sitting up is horrible for your posture and really bad for your back.

3. Red eyes are often delayed

Whether it’s weather or something mechanical, red eyes are often delayed. This means if you’re trying to catch an early morning meeting or flight, you might be out of luck.

4. It’s always freezing cold

I don’t know what it is about flying overnight, but it’s ALWAYS freezing cold on red eyes (and every other overnight flight I’ve been on). They make you put away all electronics during takeoff and landing

1. They are uncomfortable

Red eye flights are usually long, overnight flights with lots of passengers on board. You will likely be squished into your seat, next to a stranger, in a small airplane with little or no legroom or personal space.

2. You can’t sleep

Those red eye flights are the worst for sleeping because you are sitting upright in an uncomfortable seat with no way to get comfortable enough to actually fall asleep. There is also the fact that the lights stay on for at least half of the flight and there are people walking around and getting up to use the restroom which makes it even harder to fall asleep.

3. Not good for your health

Taking a red eye flight is a very unhealthy thing to do because it messes up your sleep cycle and doesn’t let you get any rest on the plane. This can have a negative impact on your immune system and make you more susceptible to getting sick after flying, especially if you have already been traveling for several days before taking a red eye flight.

4. Not safe

Red eye flights are not as safe as other flights because they take off late at night when most people (including pilots) would normally be sleeping. This means that everyone is tired, including the crew of the airplane,

Red eye flights are not for everyone. If you are one of those people who are able to relax and sleep a bit on red eyes, then by all means, go for it! But if you are like me, there are a few reasons why a red eye flight may not be your best option.

1. There is no time to get used to your surroundings.

2. Red eyes have the highest accident rate of any flight.

3. You will be exhausted when you arrive at your destination.

4. People around you will be exhausted, and they might take it out on you!

5. Your plans at your destination may need to be changed or cancelled because of the red eye flight, causing additional stress and expense.

6. You lose a full day of travel due to jet lag (plus some).

7. You may miss out on being able to enjoy your destination fully because of the constant exhaustion caused by traveling overnight into a different time zone.

Looking for a way to save money on flights? If you’ve overlooked the red-eye flight, it’s time to take another look. Flights that depart after 9 pm and arrive before 6 am are technically considered red-eye flights, but they can be an economical way to get where you’re going.

If you don’t like to sleep on planes, or if you prefer getting into your destination city early, then a red-eye flight may not be for you. But if you’re looking to get somewhere fast and on the cheap, then a red-eye could be just what the doctor ordered.

To sleep or not to sleep. Sleeping on a plane is tough enough when the seats are comfy and the cabin is quiet. But when the seats are cramped and the person in front of you has their seat reclined make sure you have a good travel pillow and blanket with you!

Red Eye flights are the worst. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because it’s not true. You might have heard that red eyes are good for your health, or that you’ll sleep better, or that you’ll get a great night’s rest, but I’m here to tell you all of those misconceptions are just plain wrong.

I’ve taken more than my share of red eye flights and I’ve got the undereye bags to prove it. Here’s why you should avoid them and opt for a morning flight instead:

1. The whole plane smells like farts and feet – I don’t know what it is about flying but people really seem to let their body odors go when they fly, especially on red eyes.

2. People will be laying in the aisles trying to sleep – this is so annoying and uncomfortable. I don’t understand how anyone can sleep on the floor of a plane sandwiched between two other people sleeping on the floor, but somehow they do it and totally ruin your aisle experience in the process.

3. There are never any outlets – this is an even bigger problem when you’re traveling for business and need to stay connected to your clients and colleagues. Oftentimes these red eye flights will have one

1. Sleep is not a priority on red eye flights

We all know that when we are traveling we have to prioritize sleep. This can be difficult when we have to travel on the weekends, or if the flight time doesn’t allow for much time to rest. The good news with red eye flights is that you can get ahead and sleep early, because most of these flights take off very late at night.

2. Red eye flights are often less expensive than daytime flights

Red eye flights also tend to be cheaper, so this is a plus for those of us who want to save some money on our travels. If you are looking for a way to save money while traveling, this is one way to do it.

3. You can get a lot of work done in the plane

For those of us who like getting things done, red eye flights allow us to do just that. While others are sleeping, you can get up and work on your laptop or tablet, or get some reading done before your next meeting while the rest of the plane is asleep.

4. You will have few distractions from other passengers

This allows you to focus on your work, as well as being able to watch movies without headphones if you prefer not having them on. There will

1. You will not sleep on the flight

2. You will be exhausted once you arrive at your destination

3. You will get dehydrated

4. It is not always cheaper to fly at that time

5. You may not get the best food or service

6. You may be near crying babies, loud neighbors, drunks, and other people you don’t want to be around

7. Your body needs time to adjust to time zone changes

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