Helicopter Flight Training in Delhi

Helicopter Flight Training in Delhi: Cheapest price for flying training from Gurugram.

Pilot Flying training school, offers best helicopter pilot training under the guidance of highly qualified and professional aviation professionals. We are the topmost leading helicopter flight school in delhi and NCR


Helicopter Flight Training in Delhi: Cheapest price for flying training from Gurugram.

If you’re looking for helicopter flight training in Delhi, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer helicopter flight training classes in Delhi and Gurugram, with our highly trained and experienced pilots and instructors.

Helicopter Flight Training is one of the most popular hobbies among young people these days. It’s an exciting hobby that can be both relaxing and challenging at the same time. You can learn a lot about yourself when you fly a helicopter; it teaches you how to control your emotions, it teaches you how to stay calm in stressful situations, it teaches you how to work as part of a team, and it can even help build confidence!

Helicopter Flight Training in Delhi: Cheapest price for flying training from Gurugram. Contact Us: +91 9212272616, +91 9212272617

Flying helicopter is a dream of many. Not many of them have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams because of various reasons. But if you are really interested to take a helicopter flying training, we can make your dreams come true. We can provide you with the opportunity to get helicopter flight training in Delhi at the cheapest price.

We offer pilot licence in India for those who are interested in getting helicopter flight training in Delhi. The qualifications required for taking this pilot licence are as follows:

• You should be above 17 years old and possess a Class 2 medical fitness certificate from DGCA approved doctor.

• You should have passed 10+2 examination from CBSE/ISC or equivalent board with Physics, Mathematics and English as subjects with minimum 55% marks along with an aggregate score of 50% marks in Physics and Mathematics.

• You should also possess a valid Student Pilot License (SPL) issued by DGCA after clearing the pre-entry medical test and written examination.

Helicopter Flight Training in Delhi:

If you want to pursue your career in aviation, then flying is the best option for you. But due to the lack of knowledge and proper guidance, many people are unaware of this field. So, if you are one of them who wants to learn flying, then this blog is for you. Here we will tell you how to learn flying, what will be the helicopter flight training in Delhi and what will be the helicopter price.

Nowadays, helicopter charter flights are used by everyone because they are very comfortable and the easiest way of travelling. In India, there is a huge demand for helicopters because they provide great services. Helicopters are mainly used by big celebrities, politicians and businessmen because they reach at their location in no time and also save their time. Not only that but there is a different section of society who use helicopters in wedding functions and other programs. To fulfil the requirements of people many companies are providing excellent services with it. They have a variety of fleets like private helicopter charter flights, recreational helicopters and commercial helicopters.

We all know that if we talk about airlines like Indigo or SpiceJet and other chartered airlines then they provide us with excellent services with affordable prices but still the price doesn’t come under everyone’s

Gurugram, a city which serves as a hub for all the flight training schools in India is one of the most developed cities in North India. Now, that you are thinking about pursuing your career with flying license and wish to join a flying school in Gurugram, there are few things you need to know about different types of flying schools.

The flying schools in Gurugram offer both private and commercial licenses. These licenses allow you to fly airplanes and helicopters. Though, before choosing the type of license you wish to pursue, it is important to understand the difference between these two aircrafts – helicopters and airplanes.

Flying training schools in Gurugram usually have their student pilots train on single engine airplanes because it is cheaper than flying on helicopters and also because it is more economical for both the schools as well as students.

Why fly a helicopter? Because it is fun, exciting and takes you to places no other aircraft can bring you. Flying a helicopter is a new and challenging experience, so join us for the adventure of a lifetime and learn to fly in one of the world’s most advanced helicopters.

If you want to fly a helicopter, this is the place to do it! We are based at Delhi’s only heliport and offer the cheapest rates for training, so come and experience the pleasure of helicopter flight first-hand without having to break the bank!

We have been giving flying lessons in helicopters for over 20 years and have an excellent reputation for providing quality training at affordable prices.

Helicopters are very versatile machines that can operate from ground level up to high altitudes (over 25,000 feet). They can also take off vertically or horizontally depending on their size and design features such as rotors.

A helicopter has two main parts: the fuselage which contains all necessary systems including engines; and wings attached to either side of this central structure with rotors mounted at each end. The pilot controls these components through levers connected by cables running down inside his legs into foot pedals on top of his boots called rudder bars. The left lever raises or lowers one set

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