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Emirates flies the longest route of any airline in the world, from Dubai to Newark, NJ (with a stop in Greece). Newark is one of three airports that serve New York City. At 8,577 miles, this flight takes approximately 17 hours and 25 minutes.

But what makes the flight so long? And why is it so important to an airline like Emirates?

Airlines need to fly their planes as much as possible to make them profitable. Airplanes are expensive to maintain and they burn a lot of fuel while flying. If a plane can be kept in the air more often and for longer periods of time, airlines can save money and make more money. The longest flight gives Emirates an advantage over other airlines in terms of efficiency.

Emirates is able to offer such a long flight because of its location in Dubai, which is right on the Persian Gulf. It’s located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, which allows Emirates to fly east or west across continents without needing to fly north or south into the Arctic Circle or Antarctica.

The actual length of a flight depends on many different factors: wind speed, weather conditions and how much fuel the aircraft has on board, among other things.

The longest Emirates flight is currently the Dubai to Newark, NJ route which clocks in at 15 hours and 35 minutes. The return flight is 15 hours and 25 minutes. The route is operated on a Boeing 777-200LR, with 42 business class seats and 216 economy class seats.

The longest flight in the world is Emirates Dubai to Newark. This non-stop flight is scheduled to take 17 hours and 35 minutes, and covers a distance of 14,120 km or 8779 miles. This flight is operated by a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner. The second longest flight (13,420 km or 8344 miles) is Qantas Perth to London, followed by Qatar Doha to Auckland with 13,351 km or 8310 miles.

The longest flights from Europe are from Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland) to Bangkok. From North America there are many long flights to Asia, Australia/New Zealand and South America city destinations such as Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Lagos (Nigeria) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

There are no longer direct flights from New York City to Sydney. The longest scheduled direct flight is Qantas Perth to London with a distance of 13,420 km / 8344 miles. The previous record was held by Singapore Airlines’ Singapore-Newark route with a distance of 15,345 km / 9532 miles.

Qantas started flying direct between Perth and London on

The longest flight in the world is now almost 17 hours long: Emirates Flight EK237 from Dubai to Newark, New Jersey. The flight path is 9,010 miles. The total flight time is 16 hours, 50 minutes.

An Emirates spokesperson told me that passengers on the longest commercial flight in the world arrive “refreshed and ready to start their day.” This seemed like a dubious claim, so I decided to take the flight myself to see how it goes.

The first thing I noticed about the longest commercial flight in the world was that everything about it was big. I tried to ask for an exit row seat and could not find one available at any price. I tried to upgrade to business class and found that all of those seats were sold out as well. Even in economy, I had a lot of room; indeed, when you fly on an A380, it’s hard not to have a lot of room. The plane has a double decker layout with two aisles on each side and four rows of seats between them – twice as many as a normal plane – so there are always only two people per aisle on any side of the plane.

My biggest concern with taking a 16 hour flight was whether or not I would be able to sleep

The flight is 8,277 miles long (13,336 km). The flight is operated by a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner. This aircraft has a range of 9,420 miles (15,145 km). The flight is powered by two General Electric GE90 engines. Each engine produces 115,300 lbs of thrust.

As of March 2nd 2009, the following are the top 10 longest flights in kilometers:

1. Dallas – Hong Kong – 8,123 km

2. Johannesburg – Atlanta – 8,064 km

3. Taipei – Newark – 7,995 km

4. Abu Dhabi – Los Angeles – 7,906 km

5. Dubai – Los Angeles – 7,842 km

6. Dubai – New York-JFK – 7,683 km

7. Johannesburg – Sao Paulo – 7,633 km

8. Perth – London – 7,632 km

9. Houston-Intercontinental – Auckland – 7,626 km

10. Singapore Airlines Cargo – Singapore — Brussels — Singapore – 7,617km

I’m going to take the longest flight in the world. It’s more than 18 hours of sitting in one spot in an uncomfortable position, breathing dry air that is full of germs, and trying to sleep on a surface so hard it may as well be a table. It’s not something I’m looking forward to.

But then I remember that this flight is also the best way to get from New York to Nice or Nice to New York. Even though I’m flying over 9,000 miles, with a stopover in Dubai, it’s actually faster than many direct flights and far more convenient as well. And once I get to Newark and see my family, it will all have been worthwhile.

The flight is on Emirates, which has a nonstop flight from Newark (EWR) to Dubai (DXB) and then on to Milan (MXP). The total distance is 9,400 miles and the total time is about 18 hours and 50 minutes. The plane is a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft with just two classes of service: business class and economy.

The plane leaves EWR at 10:45PM but boarding actually starts at 8:30PM. This is more than two hours before departure time but you do not have to be

The flight time is 17 hours and 35 minutes. The flight distance is 13648 miles / 21975 kilometers.

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