How R22 Helped Me Land My Dream Job? A blog using an interview between Reiss and R22 Refrigerant to discuss how he got his dream job.

R22 Refrigerant: How did you get your dream job, Reiss?

Reiss: It all started with a helicopter ride. I always wanted to fly, and when I was in college I took a ride in a helicopter and absolutely loved it. However, it was so expensive that I never got to do it again until after I left my job as a coder and became an entrepreneur.

R22: When did you become an entrepreneur?

Reiss: After my first two companies failed. The first was a dating website that went belly up when online dating became popular. Then, I started a company that made custom computers for gamers, but that failed because the market was too small. So, while they were failures they did provide me with the entrepreneurial skills I used to start my next company.

R22: What was your next company?

Reiss: A helicopter service in Los Angeles. We mainly gave private tours of LA and charters to the Hollywood stars and executives in the entertainment industry. It’s where I learned how to hire pilots, maintain helicopters, and everything else related to running the business.

R22: How long did you run the helicopter service?

Reiss: For about five years before selling it for about $

Reiss: What is the best way for people to learn about R22?

R22: You can learn more about R22 on its official website.

Reiss: How much money can someone earn in this field?

R22: It depends on the person, but most people earn somewhere between $30,000 and $90,000 per year.

Reiss: What are the average hours worked per week?

R22: Most people work 40-50 hours each week, but there are some who work 60+ hours.

Reiss: Is it possible to get paid more than $100,000 per year in this field?

R22: Yes it is possible! There are many high paying jobs in this field that pay over $100,000 annually!

Reiss: Does your company offer any kind of training or education programs? If so what do they consist of and how long does it take for someone to complete them?

R22: Yes we do offer training programs for our employees. They consist of online courses and in person lectures given by industry experts. These programs usually take around 6 months to complete.

Reiss: How long have you been working with R22 Refrigerant?

R22: I have

R22 Refrigerant: I got to know you when you were a struggling journalist and then went on to become a successful freelance magazine writer. What was your biggest obstacle in the beginning?

Reiss Robinson: The big challenge was getting started as a freelancer. I had no contacts, no reputation, and no portfolio of published work. My favorite thing to do is write and my favorite thing to write about is politics and foreign policy. So I did some research and started pitching stories on various foreign policy topics to editors at big-name magazines—The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Rolling Stone and the like.

This didn’t work very well. In those days you needed an agent or personal contacts to even get past the front door at these places. But that didn’t discourage me because I had another plan up my sleeve: I was going to publish myself!

This sounds crazy now but back then it seemed less nutty than it does now—I got my start as a writer in the late 1980s/early 1990s, which was before the web revolutionized publishing. At that time there were still thousands of small magazines running articles on all sorts of topics—and because they had tiny budgets, they were delighted to pay contributors $100

REISS: I’m Reiss, and today we’ll be interviewing R22 refrigerant about his new job. R22, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

R22: I’m a refrigerant, and my job is to remove heat from the air in a building or a room.

REISS: How did you get your first job?

R22: Well, it’s a funny story. I was born as something called R12 back in the 1970s. But then around 1990 I was banned by the EPA, and I was replaced by R134a. Then in 2010, my friend R134a and I had to stop working altogether because we were causing global warming. So all these people had these air conditioners that couldn’t work anymore — they hadn’t been made to use us anymore, so they were just sitting there collecting dust!

And then this company called Honeywell decided to create this new refrigerant that could do the same thing without hurting the environment as much. So they created me! And I got hired in 2016 by this company called Taco Bell to fix their air conditioners so that people would want to go inside them again.

They also use me for their other restaurants that sell cold things like

First of all, thank you for letting me interview you today. I know everyone is excited to hear about your new job.

Ok. It’s no problem. I’m happy to be here and excited about the opportunity to discuss my new role as a pilot at one of the best airlines in the world.

Well, first off, congratulations! Getting a job as a pilot is not an easy feat these days, especially with the current economic situation with COVID-19.

Thanks! Yeah, it’s been a long journey, but I’m so happy that it’s finally paid off.

Let’s start from the beginning of your journey – how did you first get started on this path?

It all began with a simple introduction to R22 Refrigerant through my father and uncle. They have worked in maintenance for most of their careers and have always been huge fans of R22 Refrigerant products so I was constantly exposed to them growing up until I finally decided to try it out myself when I was sixteen years old. I immediately fell in love with flying and knew that this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life; even though it took me another decade before getting my pilots license because I didn’t have enough money back then…

Interviewer: Last year, you were looking for a job in the medical field. How did you find your dream job?

R22 Refrigerant: Well, I was getting a little tired of all the other refrigerants and their crazy antics. I was looking for something more stable, and that’s when I found my job opening with the medical field. The pay is great too! It’s 3 times what I was making with those other refrigerants!

Interviewer: That’s amazing! What made you decide to leave the refrigerant industry?

R22 Refrigerant: Well, it was a hard decision but it just wasn’t for me anymore. I love my job now so much more than I did before. The hours are better because there isn’t as much demand from people wanting to use me in their air conditioning systems. And then there’s also the whole global warming crisis going on right now which makes me not want to be involved in anything that could potentially contribute to it.

Interviewer: So do you think that the climate change crisis will affect your job? Or maybe even put it out of business altogether?

R22 Refrigerant: Well actually no! There is still a demand for me because there are so many people who need

At first, it was a dream of mine to own a refrigeration company. I had always been fascinated with the concept of air conditioning, but I never realized how much work was involved in researching and developing the perfect refrigerant. After years in the industry and countless hours spent developing new products and testing them on my own R22 Refrigerant, I decided to go back to school to get my Master’s degree in Aeronautics.

I knew that R22 Refrigerant would open many doors for me and make me a valuable asset at any organization. While I was in college, I started working at a local refrigeration company where I learned all about R22 Refrigerant and how it is used in the field.

After graduating from college, I took over as President of the local refrigeration company. We were able to grow our business exponentially because we had such great customer service and a strong team working on each project that we took on. Our customers loved us and we never ran into any major problems or delays because we always made sure that every job was done right the first time.

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