Our Helicopters

Our Helicopters: A blog about the variety of helicopters used by osprey helicopter.

Helicopters are one of the most important assets in osprey helicopter. They are so versatile that they are used in search and rescue, medical evacuations, military operations, police operations and even commercial work. Osprey helicopter has a very diverse fleet of helicopters. The Bell 407 is a very popular five seat helicopter. It is used for utility work in the oil fields and it is also used to transport executives.

The Bell 206 Long Ranger can carry six passengers and is great for short trips or it can be fitted with floats for water operations. The Agusta 109 Power is a twin-engine helicopter that is able to carry up to eight passengers and is often used for business travel.

A blog about the variety of helicopters used by osprey helicopter.

Our Helicopters

Osprey Helicopter has a variety of helicopters but our most prized and most used helicopter is the Sikorsky s-76. This helicopter is an executive style transport helicopter. This model of helicopter came out in 1977 and was mainly used for high end corporate types of travel. In the later years it has also been used by the military.

We can provide you with the latest news and information about a variety of helicopters.

Please check our blog regularly to see some of the different aircraft used by osprey helicopter.

We have recently updated our Sikorsky S-76B page, please check it out.

This blog is a place for our pilots and other employees to share their experiences and provide information about the variety of helicopters that Osprey Helicopters uses. We also hope to use this blog as a way for customers to learn more about the helicopters we use and ask our pilots questions.

We have been providing helicopter flight services since 2004, with our headquarters based in Dover, Delaware. We offer a variety of helicopter services including sightseeing tours, aerial photography, and charters. The majority of our tours are conducted in New York City and Philadelphia, but we also offer specialized tours such as flights over the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Monument Valley.

We operate two different aircrafts: The Bell 206 Jet Ranger and the Bell 407. The Bell 206 is designed for flight training or scenic tours and has an average flight time of 3 1/2 hours before refueling. Our Bell 407 is a medium-lift helicopter ideal for aerial photography or chartering passengers long distances. Both of these aircrafts comfortably seat four passengers while providing 180-degree panoramic windows so you can experience the ride in its entirety!

Osprey Helicopters is a national helicopter operator. We operate a fleet of 15 helicopters from bases in the North Island and South Island of New Zealand. Our pilots are highly qualified and are very experienced at flying in the alpine environment, in all weather conditions.

We specialise in supporting Alpine Clubs and Tramping Groups in their search and rescue requirements, Hunting/Fishing Groups, Forestry Companies, as well as assisting with power line and forestry surveys.

Osprey Helicopters has been involved with many national events including the World Rafting Championships held at Murchison and we have also flown for Natural History New Zealand filming the BBC series “Wild New Zealand” which was screened internationally.

Osprey Helicopters is owned by David Rogers who has 20 years experience in the helicopter industry. He is an active member of The New Zealand Alpine Club and The Mountain Safety Council.

Osprey Helicopters is a helicopter company which is based in the UK and offers helicopter hire for many purposes. We have a wide range of different helicopters which can be used for filming, rescue operations, and many other purposes.

The advantages of using helicopters are that they are able to go where other vehicles cannot go. They can be used to travel over mountains, desert, water and other difficult terrain. They are also useful for rescue operations because they can quickly get across bad terrain to help those who need it.

Helicopters are also useful for filming because they can get up high and film from the air. This is often used in movies and television shows as an exciting way to show off an area or a city.

However, there are some disadvantages to using helicopters. The main one is the fact that they are very expensive to buy and operate. This means that only large companies can afford them, but even then it can be difficult to make a profit with them because of the costs involved in buying and operating them.

Our helicopters are the top of their class in terms of technology and design. All our helicopters are made by the same company and they are all slightly different. Our most recent addition to our fleet is the Bell 429 helicopter. This helicopter has a whole host of new features that makes it a great addition to our fleet.

The Bell 429 helicopter is the first

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