Picking The Right Time to Catch a Red Eye Flight

In the world of red eye flights, we find that travelers have their own etiquette and rules. Rules of thumb like when to book a red eye flight, how to behave on a red eye flight, and overall helpful tips for long haul flights.

I am going to take you through a journey of finding out which days of the week are best to book your red eye flight, what times are best to sleep, and how long you should actually try and stay asleep when traveling across time zones.

Most people don’t like the red eye flight, but there are those of us who enjoy it. While the red eye may be physically and mentally grueling, the time savings are possibly worth it.

The cost of a ticket is something that has to be considered when you are planning your trip. The price of tickets can vary greatly depending on what day you choose to buy your ticket and on what day you choose to fly. The best time to get a discounted red eye flight is typically anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months in advance of your departure date. But depending on where you are leaving from and going to, the price can be very different. The cheapest flight I have ever booked was a round trip for $120 dollars when I flew from Portland to Denver and back again. To find my discount, I searched Expedia for almost a month before booking my ticket at 4am on a Thursday (the last day I was planning on leaving). If you want to save some cash on your next flight, check out my post about searching for cheap flights here:

As a frequent traveler, I often encounter the decision of whether or not to catch a red eye flight. It is a difficult decision to make because you are putting your body through a lot of stress and discomfort in order to save money; however, it can be a rewarding decision if you know how to manage the symptoms of sleep deprivation.

It is important to consider multiple factors when deciding if a red eye flight is right for you. First, take into consideration the length of the flight. Is it an overnight flight where you will have ample time to sleep? Or will it be a shorter flight that can leave you sleep deprived? If it is an overnight flight, the next question to ask yourself is whether or not you will have time in between flights at your destination. This can be vital because, while you may have time to sleep on the red eye flight, do you have time to recover from jet lag upon arrival at your destination? Another factor to consider is if there is an alternative route that offers more comfortable seating. A red eye flight provides little room for stretching and physical activity; however, cheaper tickets are often available for these less desirable flights.

Overall, catching a red eye flight can be beneficial if thoughtfully considered with these factors.

The Red Eye flight from New York to the west coast is a 5 and half hour flight in which you will pay a premium price to arrive at your destination hours ahead of when you would have on a normal flight. When considering how this affects your choice of flights, you must ask yourself: Is it worth it? The answer varies and depends on a number of factors.

Here is some advice to consider when making your final decision:

1. If you must catch an early morning meeting or event, taking the Red Eye is probably going to be necessary for you. You’re worth more at that meeting than the extra money you’ll pay for the ticket.

2. If you have a particularly long day or week ahead of you and want to minimize stress, then go with the Red Eye. It’s worth your time and mental health to get there as early as possible so you can relax at night before your big day(s).

3. If it’s just a vacation that doesn’t require early arrival, then play it by ear. Don’t waste your money on a Red Eye if you don’t need to be somewhere ASAP.

Traveling on a red eye flight has many advantages, but is it the right flight for you?**

For the past two years I’ve taken at least one red eye flight. They are a great way to maximize your time away from home.**

My favorite thing about them is the ability to leave at night and arrive first thing in the morning. It feels like you lose minimal time from work and you get to experience an entire day at your destination.**

It also means leaving at night and arriving first thing in the morning, so you have to take into account how much sleep you will be getting and how it will affect your day when you arrive.**

Below are some tips on deciding if a red eye flight is right for you:**

1.) How much sleep do you need?**

I personally need at least 8 hours of sleep or I’m pretty grumpy the next day. This might sound like a lot, but I found that if I don’t get enough sleep, it affects my mood and I’m not as happy while I’m traveling.**

If you are someone who doesn’t need as much sleep, this can be an amazing way to save money on flights!

When planning your next flight, do you ever stop to think about the time of day, or even the time of year, that you want to fly? Sure, there are some obvious factors that influence your decision such as cost and destination, but what if there was a way to save money and arrive refreshed? Look no further than the Red Eye Flight.

Booking a red eye flight can be a great way to save money with the potential for a higher standard of comfort. But which is better: departing or arriving? It may seem like this would be an easy answer; however, it is not nearly as straightforward as one might think. The answer will depend on many factors from price differences to personal preferences and everything in between.

Red eye flights can be a great way to save hundreds of dollars. You may be thinking “it’s only a few hours”, and that is true, but you must consider the following:

1. Are you in the right time zone to not have any jet lag?

2. Will you have enough time to travel from the airport to your destination?

3. Do you have a place to stay for a few hours before you have to check in at your hotel?

4. Can your body handle no sleep?

5. If you do get some sleep, will it be on the plane or at the airport?

6. Is this flight actually worth saving money on?

7. What are the benefits of this flight besides saving money? Keep in mind, if you’re flying from California to New York, there is going to be some turbulence, unless it’s nonstop (which is rare and even more expensive). A nonstop flight could be ideal for someone who has trouble sleeping on planes and may need more than a few hours of sleep before checking into their hotel. If your family is traveling with small children, its best not to put them through such a rough flight that might make them very cranky and tired when they arrive

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