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Save Big on Cheap Flights has the best deals on airline tickets and cheap airfare. Compare hundreds of travel sites to find amazing flight deals.

Save Big on Cheap Flights is a blog about the best sites for cheap airfare. It is written by someone who has spent years trying to find the lowest fares, only to be frustrated by ticket prices that seem to always be going up.

We have done extensive research on airline travel and have been able to compile a list of sites that will save you time and money when you are looking for cheap flights.

There are three main reasons why we think these sites are the best:

1) They search many airlines at once so that you don’t have to visit each airline’s web site individually. This saves a lot of time since you can quickly see which airlines have the cheapest tickets and what dates they are available.

2) They allow you to compare prices across multiple months, which makes it easy to find deals that would otherwise be hidden by searching only one month at a time. This is especially useful if your dates of travel aren’t set in stone yet or if you’re flexible with when you fly (for example, flying on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays). You’ll often see much lower fares just

There are a lot of websites out there claiming to offer cheap airline tickets, and it can be hard to tell which ones are legit. Of course, all of them claim to be the best site for cheap airfare.

The one thing they all have in common is that they all want you to buy a ticket through them. And since their business model is not charging you extra but getting paid by the airlines if you buy, it’s in their interest to find you the cheapest possible ticket. Which is why you should use several different sites when looking for cheap flights.

But how do you know which sites are worth using? Ideally you could just check every single travel site out there, but that would take forever! If only there was some way of knowing which sites were worthwhile and which ones were useless…

Well, now there is: the Cheap Airfare Report. I’ve spent hundreds of hours testing different travel booking sites, looking for the best deals on cheap flights, and writing about my findings on this blog.

Which site has the cheapest airline tickets? How do you find the best deals on airfare? What are the best sites for cheap flights? Is there a way to get cheap airline tickets, even if it is last minute travel?

We have spent countless hours researching and testing various flight search engines in order to bring you the definitive list of sites for booking cheap airfare. We’ve rated and ranked each search engine so you can see our opinion of each one at a glance.

If you are looking for some tips to save on your next flight purchase, check out our 10 ways to get cheap airline tickets.

We all have our favorite sites for booking flights, but there are many sites out there that offer the same service. Here is a list of some of the best sites for buying cheap airline tickets. – Kayak is my favorite travel website because it searches so many other travel websites in one shot. It also lists the cheapest and most expensive dates to fly to your destination which is helpful when trying to decide what dates you want to leave and come back on. Once you choose your flight it gives you a bunch of different options for booking with their partners like Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia and Priceline. You can also sign up for fare alerts on Kayak once you fill in all your trip details.

AirfareWatchdog – This site is great if you’re flying domestically within the US, as they typically only list fares from US based airlines and discount carriers like Spirit and JetBlue. The reason I like AirfareWatchdog is because they list fares from major US cities to smaller cities that most travel search engines don’t cover. For example, you can use AirfareWatchdog to search for flights from Dallas (DFW) to Amarillo (AMA) or Minneapolis (MSP) to Fargo (FAR).


If you’re about to fly, you may be looking for a cheap airfare. There are several websites and search engines that help you to find the cheapest flight prices, including:







Airline tickets are often a significant part of your travel budget, and you can save a lot of money on airfare by knowing a few simple tricks. Here’s how to save some big bucks on your next flight.

1. Use the right website. The best websites for booking cheap flights are sites that specialize in just this one thing. They usually have better search tools than the airline websites and make it easy to compare flights, check out different dates, and see options that you might not have thought of. The best sites also let you filter your searches by price, number of stops, airline, and more.

2. Be flexible with your dates. If your travel plans are flexible, you can sometimes find far cheaper deals by flying during the week or even overnight rather than over the weekend. And be aware that many airlines charge higher prices for tickets bought during the weekend than they do for those purchased during the week!

3. Use hidden city tickets (only with round trip). Sometimes if there’s a cheaper flight from one city to another that has a layover in the city you actually want to go to, it will actually be cheaper to buy two separate tickets: one for your real destination that stops in the first city, and another separate ticket from that first

Booking a flight can cost as little as a few dollars in taxes and fees, or it can cost enough to buy a new car. How much you spend depends on the time of year you plan to fly, where you are flying from, where you are flying to, and how far in advance you buy your ticket.

To get the best deals on flights, start looking for tickets at least 6 months before your planned departure date. For example, if you’re planning to go on vacation in September, start shopping around in March. While this is not always possible, buying tickets early is often the easiest way to save money.

It’s also smart to book your tickets well in advance if you’re flying during peak seasons such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Airline companies know that people want to be home for the holidays and they jack up the prices accordingly. If you can’t leave early enough to get a good deal, try booking during off-peak hours (early morning or late night flights) or off-peak dates (the day before or after Thanksgiving).

If it’s not possible to book your flights well in advance and you have some flexibility about when and where you can fly, check an airfare prediction app like Hopper or Google Flights. These apps

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