The 10 First Airline Names You Should Learn

The 10 First Airline Names You Should Learn

A blog about airline names, their history and their origin.

Air France Airlines – History of the Airline

Air France is the national flag carrier of France. The company is a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group and a founding member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. As of 2013 Air France serves 36 destinations in France and operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 168 destinations in 93 countries (89 destinations are served by Air France-KLM Group) and also carried 46,803,000 passengers in 2011. The airlines global hub is located at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport with Orly Airport as the primary domestic hub. Regional hubs are located at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, Marseille Provence Airport, Toulouse Blagnac Airport, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport.

The airline was formed on 7 October 1933 from a merger of Air Orient, Air Union, Compagnie Générale Aéropostale, Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne (CIDNA) and Société Générale de Transport Aérien (SGTA).

The airline names that you will see on these pages are the those that have a story behind their name. The first 10 airlines that I have listed are the major ones and the ones you will see most often. The other airlines are more obscure but still have their own great stories to tell. Some of the stories may be based on fact, legend or history. I have also tried to include some of the more popular airline names as well.

If you would like to learn more about these airlines, please click on the links below. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Here are some of my favorite airline names:

American Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines

Delta Air Lines

United Airlines

US Airways

JetBlue Airways

Alaska Airlines

If you’re an aviation enthusiast, you’ll be able to name a few airlines of the world.

You might even know quite a few. But do you know them all? Probably not!

There are more than 100 airlines in the world, and only a few have a distinct look or name.

That’s why we’ve written this article: to help you recognize some of the most common ones!

Below, we’ve listed ten of the biggest airline names in the world. Read about them to find out everything about their history and origin.

We hope that, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to recognize all these airlines easily!

The names of airlines are a fascinating source of information about the history of aviation. They can tell us about a country’s culture, its language and its history. Some names are simple, others are more complicated and they often take on different forms. But what do you do when an airline’s name is simply an acronym?

An airline’s name is often the first thing we see when we look at a plane, repaint or timetable. And yet, in most cases we have no idea what it means. So I decided to provide a list of the ten most common airline acronyms that you should know as an avgeek.

1. United Airlines (UAL)

1.Airlines that sound like the color black:

Blackbird Air, Blackbird Airlines, Black Box, Biman Bangladesh, Blue Air, Blue Airlines, Blue Dart Aviation, Blue Wings, Corsairfly

2.Airlines that just sound good:

Aero Asia International, Aero California, Aero Republica, Aerocontinente Colombia, Aerolift Cargo Airlines

3.Airlines that sound like they’re actively moving:

Air Canada Jazz, Air Comet Chile, Air Dolomiti, Air Europa Express

4.Airlines that are out to get you:

Air Southwest, Alaska Central Express (ACE), All Nippon Airways (ANA), Aloha Airlines

5.Airlines that just sound fast:

Air Sprint Inc., Avalon Airways Inc., Atlantic Airways Faroe Islands

1. Iberia

The Spanish carrier Iberia was founded as a mail and passenger service between Madrid and Barcelona on June 28, 1927. The name Iberia originally came from a Roman name given to the river Ebro.

2. Austrian Airlines

Austrian airlines were founded in 1957 as Österreichische Luftverkehrs AG (ÖLAG). Since then Austrian Airlines have been the flag carrier of Austria, maintaining a hub at Vienna International Airport. In 2000 it merged with Lauda Air, which was founded by former Formula One driver Niki Lauda in 1979.

3. Emirates

The national airline of Dubai, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and one of the biggest in the world by number of international passengers. It was formed back in 1985 with just two aircrafts – a leased Boeing 737 and an Airbus 300 B4-200 purchased from Pakistan International Airlines. The airline has since grown massively, now flying over 200 aircrafts to more than 140 destinations across 6 continents!

4. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines was formed back in 1947 as Malayan Airways Limited and later became Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). In 1972 MSA split into two separate airlines – Singapore Airlines is the biggest and most visited aviation site on the Internet. Our community of users includes airline crew members, airline management, airplane fans, air travelers, aviation photographers, aircraft enthusiasts and avid airline fans.

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