Tickets to Concerts and Sports are Not the Same

As the CEO of an event ticketing company, I am frequently asked about why tickets to concerts and sports are not the same price. While there are many reasons for this, I would like to first explain some of the key differences that impact the price of concert and sports tickets.

Unlike concerts, sporting events do not have a set performance time. As a result, this means that fans need to purchase tickets well in advance but may not know what time they will be attending until close to game day. This means that selling a ticket is a riskier proposition than selling a concert ticket because there is no guarantee that the person who purchased it will be able to attend.

The different types of games also impact how much fans will pay. For example, if you have two teams that have been rivals for years and have both had a good season, those games will sell for higher prices than if one of the teams has had a poor record and the game isn’t expected to be close. This means that pricing needs to take into account not only which teams are playing but also their records at the time of sale as well as other factors such as weather conditions or recent injuries which could affect player performance or fan demand on game day (and thus how much they’ll pay).


As a fan of professional sports and music events, I often wonder why ticket prices are often so expensive. While I understand that the price depends on many factors such as location, the opposing team or musician, and the size of the stadium or venue, ticket prices for sporting events seem to be much cheaper than those for music concerts.

For example, tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play at their home arena will often range from $50 to $300 depending on where you are sitting in the stadium. When you compare this to a concert by artists like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga who can charge upwards of $400 per ticket, it seems strange that sports teams can get away with charging much lower prices.

Another reason why tickets to sporting events are cheaper is because there are so many different games played throughout the year. If you go to a Major League Baseball game during the week, you can almost always get really cheap tickets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rivalry game because there are usually only one or two games against each rival throughout the entire season. This allows teams to discount their tickets more heavily as they know that demand will still be quite high as people want to see every single game whether it’s against a rival or not.

In contrast, most music concerts

Ticket prices for concerts and sporting events are always being compared, but they are two very different things. Some sports fans may want to see every game their team plays in, while concert goers may only want to see one or two artists perform live.

Even though the two types of events are vastly different, there are a few things that make them similar. Both use ticket brokers to sell tickets and both have secondary markets where people can purchase seats. However, this is where the similarities end.

The biggest difference between attending a sporting event versus going to a concert is the amount of time we are spending at each event. A typical concert lasts about 90 minutes, while a sporting event lasts about three hours. This is a big factor when looking at ticket prices for each type of event.

Another difference between the two is the demand for tickets. Concerts will typically sell out in minutes after going on sale, but don’t have much demand from fans who have tickets unless it’s an exceptional show. Sports games often sell out season ticket packages or partial season tickets before single game tickets even go on sale.

When you buy a concert ticket, you don’t know whether the band will be good. You might have heard of them, but there is no guarantee they will sound as good live as on their CD. Concert tickets are sold because music fans want to support their favourite bands and musicians.

In sports, we don’t buy tickets to support our favourite teams or players. We buy tickets to be entertained. And entertainment is a sum of many parts: the venue, the crowd, the price of food and drink, etc. In other words, we’re paying for an experience.

The experience is what makes sports so much more expensive than concerts. And it’s not just ticket prices – hotels in major cities charge outrageous rates on game days. MLB tickets range from $15 for the Baltimore Orioles to $200 for the New York Yankees. The average NFL ticket ranges from $50 to $175. The NBA comes in at $25 to $150 with the NHL at $25 to $125. NBA games are cheaper than other sports because they play so many more games each year (82 regular season).

A good rule of thumb is that if you can see a musical act in your hometown and don’t have to travel too far, see them there instead of at a festival

There are many different types of tickets that can be purchased for events. Some events you can buy a season ticket, a VIP ticket, or a general admission ticket. Most of us do not think about the differences between these types of tickets but they offer very different experiences and value.

The difference between the types of tickets depends on the event. For sports teams, the difference between a season ticket and a general admission ticket is very different than it would be for concerts.

Season tickets are often sold for sporting events such as basketball, hockey and football. These tickets allow you to see all of the games played in a year by your favorite team. This is great for people who live in the area and love going to see their team play as much as possible. Season tickets are often sold at a discount rate compared to what you would pay if you go to each game individually.

VIP tickets are offered for most major venues or events. VIP simply means that you have access to something special at the venue like going into an exclusive lounge or getting merchandise that is only available to people with these type of tickets.

For music concerts, your best option is often buying general admission tickets if they are offered. These tickets allow you access

By now, I am so used to paying exorbitant prices for tickets to my favorite music artists that I just accept it as a fact of life. But I have to admit that I was a bit shocked when I read this article about the ticket prices for the upcoming U2 concert tour.

According to the article, the average price of a ticket to a U2 concert will be $132, and the most expensive ticket will be $340. For the sake of comparison, the article notes that the average ticket price to see an NFL game is $72.

The point made by the article is that there is nothing particularly special about seeing U2 in concert, other than the fact that you’ll be in the same room with them. (I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to spend that much money on one night of entertainment, I want more than just proximity to famous people.) The author suggests that it might be better to save your money and instead buy a really nice audio system for your home and listen to U2 recordings at home instead.

I think this is good advice, although personally I would rather go see Bruce Springsteen in concert any day of the week — and he charges only $100 per

You may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of tickets. In fact, the ticketing industry has been growing and becoming more advanced over the years. The following is a list of just a few types of tickets:

– Tickets for sporting events

– Tickets for concerts

– Tickets for theater shows (including musicals)

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