Top 10 Airline Passengers Misbehaving on-board

We all know the feeling when we are boarding a flight and get the weird feeling in the pit of our stomach. The flight feels like it is going to be a long one. But, this is not the worst part of flying today. When you get on-board, you may sit down beside someone that could cause serious problems for your whole flight. While there are many people that are respectful, nice and follow the rules, there are always those who do not. While we have covered [the Top 10 Annoying People You May Sit Next To On A Flight](, we have yet to highlight those who break the rules and make everyone else’s life a living hell when they are on an airplane. Today, we will look at the Top 10 Airline Passengers Misbehaving On Board!

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So as usual, let’s get started…

The airline industry is a rough business. Airlines are constantly competing with each other to get passengers to their destination as fast and inexpensively as possible. However, flight attendants have the responsibility of making sure that the passengers are safe and comfortable during their journey. Unfortunately, some passengers choose not to listen to the instructions of the flight attendants. Here are my top 10 lists of airline passengers misbehaving on-board.

1) A passenger decided it would be funny to stand up during a flight, remove all of his clothes, and walk around naked in front of everyone. He was arrested by the police when the plane arrived at his destination.

2) A passenger was getting annoyed by a crying baby sitting next to her so she decided to slap the baby across its face. The mother wanted to press charges but no arrests were made since it happened in international airspace over Canada.

3) A passenger became irate because he did not want to sit with a child on his lap during takeoff and landing. He became more upset when given the option of paying for an additional seat if that would make him more comfortable. He ended up trying to break down the cockpit door before being subdued by two male flight attendants who were also police officers in their civilian career

When it comes to air travel and passenger behavior, there is no doubt that today’s airline passengers are much different than they were a decade ago.

Passengers onboard commercial flights today are increasingly loud and rude, with little regard for their fellow travelers.

The causes of this change in passenger behavior are likely many, but the fact is that this is the reality of flying today. Which airlines are the worst? You may be very surprised to learn that it’s not always which airline you think.

The worst airlines for passenger rudeness and unruly passenger incidents today include:

Statistics show that the number of skyjackings, arrests and misbehaving passengers on-board is increasing. And we all know that it is always the same type of people who thinks rules and regulations doesn’t apply to them. But why do they act like this?

We’ve all experienced the annoying passenger. The one who always puts their seat back, no matter that you can’t get out without pushing him first. The one who won’t stop talking even though you’re trying to sleep. And the one who asks if he can have your food because he didn’t like his own.

But what should you do when these people don’t just annoy, but actually misbehave?

This is the place where you can get your stories off your chest and into the public eye. Whether it’s a rude flight attendant, a disgusting passenger or just a bad experience we have all had our fair share of bad experiences when flying. Here at I would like to give you all an opportunity to post your stories so others can read them and hopefully find out that they are not alone in the world of bad flying.

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