Top 7 Airline Safety Standards

Top 7 Airline Safety Standards: a blog around airline safety. In our modern and fast paced world, it is extremely important to have reliable and safe ways to travel. It is good to know that airline companies are constantly improving the safety standards they offer to the public. If you are thinking of taking a vacation, business trip or even a family gathering, then you should take into consideration using one of the top airline companies. This can assure that you arrive safely and on time at your destination.

The best way to decide which is the best airline for you is by looking at how safe their records are. A good airline company will always make sure that their customers are satisfied and happy with their services. The following are the top 7 airlines in terms of safety standards:

1) Alaska Airlines

2) Southwest Airlines

3) Continental Airlines

4) American Eagle Airlines

5) Delta Airlines

6) JetBlue Airways Corporation

7) United Airlines

If you are going on a trip and need to book a flight, there are plenty of airline carriers to choose from. Some airlines do not meet basic customer service standards and have some of the worst safety records in the world.

This blog will highlight the top 7 airline safety standards with links to information on each airline and their safety record.

1) Qatar Airways

2) Etihad Airways

3) Emirates

4) EVA Air

5) Cathay Pacific

6) Singapore Airlines

7) Lufthansa

A lot of people have asked me the same question: What are the best airlines? The answer I give is always a simple one: I don’t know. But there are some standards that I use when looking for an airline – and knowing which airline to fly is important, because you want to fly with a safe airline!

Here are my top 7 airline safety standards:

1. Does the airline follow IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)?

The IATA Operational Safety Audit program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. It is a detailed safety audit that provides the benchmark for global safety in airlines, and it covers all aspects of operations, both on-ground and in-flight. It is conducted every two years by an independent accredited audit organization (IAAO), and it is based on globally recognized industry standards such as ICAO SARPS, ISO 9001 and regulatory requirements from all seven continents.

2. Is the aircraft young?

Airlines usually retire aircrafts after 20 or 25 years of service, depending on their maintenance status. Aircrafts have a limited lifespan, due to fatigue or corrosion, so if an aircraft has been flying for more than 15 years

Flying is a risky business. We know this, but we do it anyway. The recent spate of air accidents has not helped reduce anxiety around flying. According to the Aviation Safety Network, 2014 was the safest year in aviation history with only one major accident for every 4.4 million flights. There are a few airlines, however, that stand out as being at the top of their safety game. Here’s our list of the top 7 most safe airlines based on statistics and pilot reviews:

1)Lufthansa: According to Pilot’s Choice Awards, Lufthansa takes the crown for being the safest airline in Europe. The German airline is known for its safety record and won’t compromise when it comes to maintenance and service.

2)Qantas Airways: Qantas Airways has been a long-time favorite among pilots for its superior service and comfort. Yet, what makes this Australian airline deserving to be on this list is its top-notch safety record. In fact, Qantas hasn’t had a fatality since 1951!

3)Emirates: Emirates is another leading European carrier that boasts an impeccable safety record. This Dubai-based airline offers extensive training programs and only hires pilots with at least 5 years experience flying

When I was a kid, my parents told me that when riding in a car, it would be safer to not wear my seat belt. They were wrong.

I’ve been flying for years and have flown on over 100 airlines. I’ve flown on Virgin, Emirates, United, American, Hawaiian, Delta, and many others. There are so many different safety standards around the world. The best airlines have the top safety standards in the world because they put their customers first.

Below are some of the best airlines with the safest practices. 1. Emirates Airlines 2. Hawaiian Airlines 3. Southwest Airlines 4. JetBlue 5. Delta 6. Alaska Airlines 7. Virgin America

Most airlines, especially those in the United States, are very safe. A passenger is more likely to be struck by lightning than die on a commercial flight. However, some airlines are safer than others. Here at we don’t rate airlines on how comfortable their seats are or how good their in-flight entertainment is, we are all about safety and the best safety rating comes from our own unique seven-star ranking system that considers a number of key criteria including audits from aviation’s governing bodies and lead associations, governments’ audit its country’s carriers and the airlines’ crash and serious incident record.

In addition to this our editorial team regularly assesses airlines’ operational histories and government audits and also where an airline is based can be a factor in safety as there are many countries that have been blacklisted by the European Union due to compliance issues that fall well short of international standards.

We do not rate airlines that have had an accident involving a hull loss (an accident where the aircraft was destroyed) or major injury in the past 10 years. Major incidents include runway excursions, explosions (including bomb threats), hijackings, fires onboard an aircraft, engine separation or bird strike damage that leads to an emergency landing, or any event where there is substantial

Ready for a bit of fun? According to a study by the International Air Transport Association, you are safer at a height of 40,000 feet than you are in your own car. That’s not exactly going to be the headline on CNN any time soon.

So, in this blog entry I’ll explore some of the safety standards that airlines have adopted over the years in order to make flying as safe as possible and hopefully put your fears to rest.

Lets begin with the airplane itself: The Boeing 737-800 is one of the most popular aircraft in use today. Over 4,000 of these planes have been built and sold and it is flown by many major airlines around the world including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Norwegian Air Shuttle and more.

The Boeing 737-800 has one of the safest records of any commercial passenger aircraft currently in use. On average, one plane crashes for every 16 million flights. This means if you were to fly once a day it would take 44,000 years before you were involved in an accident.

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