1st First Class Flight Review

First Class Flight Review

United Airlines is a name that I have known for a long time. I always wanted to try flying with them, but never had the opportunity to do so. When I booked my ticket for my trip from Hyderabad to San Francisco, I saw that there were two options: economy and first class. Since it was a personal trip and not a business one, I decided to go with the first class option. After all, it would be my first experience in first class. A few weeks later, at 11pm on May 8th, 2017, the day of my flight arrived!

Since the flight was leaving at 10am on May 9th, I had to leave home at 7am. My dad dropped me off at the airport and wished me luck on my journey. The flight itself was very comfortable; there were many great features (such as individual screens) which made the 12 hour flight seem much shorter than it really was. Moreover, food served during the flight was some of the best airplane food I have ever eaten!

When the flight finally landed in San Francisco, it was around noon local time. Even though I had slept pretty well in-flight, I still felt tired and jet-lagged after landing. So instead of

I decided to write this blog after a friend of mine asked me to describe my first time flying first class. I didn’t want to bore her with all the details, so I created this blog instead.

So, here it is: My first ever first class experience:

I was upgraded to first class on an American Airlines flight from Honolulu to Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW). It was an early flight; I think it was scheduled for a 7am departure. I was excited about the upgrade, but nervous about how early it was!

I arrived at Honolulu International Airport with plenty of time before my flight. I had no checked bags and only a carry-on with me on this trip. When I got to the check-in counter in Honolulu, the agent recognized my name and asked if I would like an upgrade to first class. I said sure! She then told me that they were still boarding first class and not to worry about going through security just yet. She handed me a ticket that had “FIRST CLASS” written across the top in big letters. She also gave me a citation for a free alcoholic beverage once onboard (that’s right – even though the flight was in the morning!) and said we would

I’m a long time user of Southwest Airlines, and I have never flown first class. The most I’ll spend on a plane ticket is about $300 for a round trip. I don’t have the money to throw away on a first class flight. But, when I was booking our flights back from Hawaii in October, I noticed that the first class tickets were only about $250 more expensive per person than the economy tickets. That seemed like a great deal to me, so we decided to upgrade our flights.

It was one of the best decisions we made on this trip! We had such a great experience flying first class with American Airlines that I wanted to share it with you.

This isn’t going to be some boring review about what kind of food we ate, or how thick the blankets were. This is my honest opinion about flying first class based on my experience. If you have never flown first class before and you are considering it for your next flight, here are 5 reasons why you should book that ticket!

I’ve flown first class on many international flights, but never on a domestic flight. On my recent trip to Washington, DC, I had the chance to fly first class between Newark and Reagan National Airport (DCA) aboard United Flight 562.

I was initially booked in Economy Plus, but switched to first class for $100 during online check-in. The fare difference between Economy Plus and First Class was only $10 more, so it was well worth the splurge.

A year ago, I never thought I’d be flying first class. When I booked my flight for my best friend’s wedding in Australia, I knew it was going to be a long trip. The thought of having extra space and comfort during the 16-hour flight from New York to Sydney seemed like a dream.

I’m here to tell you that flying first class is a dream come true. It might sound totally out of reach, but there are many ways to fly first class without breaking the bank—you just have to do your research.

If you’re thinking about booking a first class seat on your next trip, here’s what you can expect when you fly overseas in the front of the plane.

What makes first class so great? Let me count the ways.

There’s much more leg room and width on a first class seat than an economy seat. You also get more recline so you can lean back and take a nap or stretch out your legs comfortably. There are no annoying people leaning back into your space or sitting next to you so you have plenty of room to move around during the flight.

It’s a privilege to fly first class.

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