5 Reasons You Should buy a Helicopter

5 Reasons You Should buy a Helicopter: A blog that put in light the positives of owning a Helicopter.

You’re probably wondering why you should own a helicopter? Is it worth it? How much will it cost? Will I regret it? All of these questions have answers. The answer to all of them is yes. Yes, you should buy a helicopter, it is worth it, and you will not regret the purchase.

You may be thinking that there are no reasons to purchase a helicopter which is understandable because helicopters are so rare to see that not many people know about them. They’re expensive machines for only the rich. And truthfully, they are. However, just like anything else, there are different models of helicopters to suit all budgets and needs. Helicopters are one of the most useful machines on earth as they can be used for almost everything including work, leisure, rescue missions and much more.

Here at Flightstore we have created a list of 5 reasons why you should buy a helicopter:

1) Speed: Helicopters are very fast aircraft that can get places quicker than any other aircraft type in the world. This makes them great for short-distance travel and saving time when getting from A to B. If you want to

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Helicopter

Do you want to fly? Of course you do. Everyone wants to take to the skies, and helicopters are the best way to do it. They’re awesome and brilliant, and if you don’t already have one, you should buy one. Here are five reasons why:

1. Helicopters are great for taking people on rides. People love helicopter rides! They are so fun for people of all ages. I have even seen babies take helicopter rides! Helicopter rides are also very romantic and can really help rekindle your relationship.

2. Helicopters are great for rescuing people! A lot of times, people will get lost in the woods or a snowstorm and they need someone to rescue them. If you own a helicopter, you can be that person! Or, if your friends get stuck while skiing in the mountains, they can call you and you can fly your helicopter up there and rescue them. How fun is that?

3. Helicopters can land almost anywhere — that’s why they’re called helicopters! So if you get lost in the woods or something, you won’t need someone else to rescue YOU because you can hop into your helicopter and just fly away! Easy-peasy

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Helicopter.

1. Fly whenever you want

2. Avoid traffic jams

3. Save time

4. Avoid stresses of the road

5. Have fun

There are people who like to live life on the edge. They enjoy being at places which are hard to reach, they seek adventure and thrill in everything they do. For folks like these, a helicopter is more than just a vehicle it’s the means to an infinite source of adventure and fun.

There are several reasons why one should opt for a helicopter over any other luxury vehicle. One can easily commute on a helicopter, it helps you reach your destination fast and safely. Due to its structure a helicopter can fly over heavy traffic areas like highways or roads. You can beat rush hour traffic by flying over it and land at the nearest helipad.

This article will give you five reasons as to why you should buy a helicopter. These reasons will help you understand that owning a helicopter has more benefits than being just another luxurious item in your garage.

You have a big house, a fancy car and enough money in the bank to do just about anything you want. But is that enough? Are you sure that you have all the toys that you need? Have you ever thought about buying a helicopter?

In case you think this is silly, here are five good reasons why you should buy one.

Save Time

The main reason to buy a helicopter is that it will save time. This may not seem like a good reason at first, but if you think about the amount of time that you spend driving from place to place, it will make sense.

If you were to use your helicopter for transportation, then things would be much faster. You could travel from your house to work in just minutes instead of hours. Not only would this save time, but it would also give you more time to do other things after work!

Take Your Family on Vacation

Another thing that is great about having a helicopter is that it can take your family on vacation to any location they want. For example, if they wanted to go on vacation in the Bahamas, then they could get there in less than an hour using your helicopter instead of spending days getting there by car or plane. With your family’s schedule in mind and their

There are many reasons why you should consider buying a helicopter.

The most obvious reason is that they are super fun to fly. But there are also others reasons as well such as they can be used for transportation, can be used for agricultural uses, and even as a rescue helicopter.

The price of helicopters will vary greatly. For example, a Robinson R22 that holds 2 people will cost around $300k while the Sikorsky S92 will cost $12 million. In this post I’ll break down the different costs of owning your own helicopter and some of the benefits of owning one.


There are many maintenance costs that you will have to pay when you buy a helicopter. Such costs include labor, fuel, mechanic fees, oil changes, insurance, hangar storage space and more. The labor costs will typically depend on how much time you take your aircraft out for flights per month or year. The average cost is about 100 dollars per hour which is not too bad considering how much fun it is to fly in these things!

Fuel costs may seem expensive at first glance but once you start using them regularly they become quite affordable since they only use between 5-20 gallons per hour depending on their size and speed capabilities (the larger ones tend to consume more

Reason 1: No One Expects You to Fly Up In a Helicopter

This is something that no one expects. When you are dropping cash on a new car, everyone knows about it. It’s big, loud, and flashy. When you walk out of a showroom with the keys to your new helicopter, you’ll get more than a few looks from people that didn’t expect this.

Reason 2: New Cars Are Boring

If you want to impress people, you need to go above and beyond. As the saying goes “he who fails to plan plans to fail”. A new car is boring; it happens every day. People see them all the time. When you step outside in your helicopter no one will have seen anything like it before. This is what it means to be original and gain respect among your friends.

Reason 3: Helicopters are Sexy

No one can deny the fact that helicopters are sexy, both figuratively and literally. If you pick up a sexy date in your helicopter they will know right away that they have picked the right person to spend time with. The same goes for if you are picking up friends or colleagues, they will know that they are in good hands if you are flying them around in style and comfort in

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