7 Items You Won’t Believe That Can Get You Through TSA

If you’re anything like me, packing a suitcase is a daunting task. You have clothes, toiletries, and a slew of other important things to bring on your trip. If you’re flying, however, there are some items that might get you through TSA faster than others.

Here are 7 items you won’t believe that can get you through TSA:

1. A Stylish Scarf

A scarf is a great accessory that can also help you go through security faster. It keeps your neck warm during the flight and will also shield your skin from germs in the airport.

2. Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are also great for getting through security quicker. TSA agents always seem to look at my bag if I have large bags of potato chips or chocolate chip cookies in there. Instead, pack some healthy granola bars or nuts to munch on during the flight!

3. Lotion

A small bottle of lotion is sometimes overlooked in the security line when people are racing against the clock to get through it all. Make sure to bring lotion with you on the plane so that your skin doesn’t dry out!

4. Portable Charger

If you’ll be using your phone a

If you fly at all, you know how frustrating the TSA is. Their rules are strict and they are constantly changing. I have run into every possible situation with TSA, so here is a list of 7 things that you won’t believe will get you through TSA.

1. Your ID doesn’t need to match your ticket name: one time I was traveling with my mom, but my name was on the same ticket as my dad. When we checked in, our names matched on the tickets, but not the ID’s. We explained this to TSA and they let us through security no problem!

2. You don’t have to take off your shoes: one time I flew from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) to Miami (MIA), I had on brand new shoes that would be very hard to put back on again (we bought them at SAS). The security guard saw this and told us that we didn’t have to take our shoes off if we didn’t want to, it was a new rule because of COVID-19. This made going through security much easier!

3. If you have a disability, you can use the fast pass line: while traveling with my

If you’ve ever flown before, you know that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents have a ton of rules and regulations that they make you follow. In fact, I was surprised to hear about some of these things you can bring on a plane.

If you are traveling for the first time or simply need a refresher, we have compiled a list of seven items that you won’t believe can get through TSA:

1. A Football Helmet

The Washington Post reported that an airport in Florida offered to let passengers put their novelty football helmets through the X-ray machine instead of checking them in their bags.

2. Snow Globes

Surprisingly, snow globes are allowed as carry-on items. However, they must fit in your one-quart plastic bag along with your other liquids and gels if they are 3.4 ounces or less.

3. Knitting Needles

While scissors, pocket knives and box cutters are banned, knitting needles are not! As long as your knitting needles are no longer than seven inches and don’t have any sharp edges, then it is perfectly fine to take them past TSA.

4. Snow Shoes

Snowshoes may seem like a strange item to bring on

Getting through airport security with as little hassle as possible is every traveler’s dream. Between taking off your shoes and removing your laptop from your bag, there isn’t much room for additional items. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a list of prohibited items that includes everything from fireworks to selfie sticks.

But what if we told you that some of the things on the TSA’s prohibited item list are totally fine to take on the plane? Here are seven items that you wouldn’t expect to be allowed through security:

1. Frozen Gifts

If you are traveling to visit family or friends over the holidays, you may have thought of bringing them a frozen treat! Solid frozen foods like pies, cakes and casseroles are allowed through security as long as they aren’t packed with dry ice or gel packs that could interfere with security equipment. As long as they are not frozen liquid, packed in gel packs or dry ice, they are OK to put in your carry-on bag.

2. Selfie Stick

Bringing a selfie stick can make for an easy way to take photos when traveling solo. Selfie sticks were once on the TSA banned item list but have since been removed from the list in 2015. Make

What to Do When You Get Stranded at an Airport

You’ve missed your flight. Bad weather is delaying all flights for the next few hours. The airport is packed with travelers and you have nowhere to go. Here are 7 tips from travel professionals on what you could do in this situation:

Get a free ride from the airport. Your airline may be able to offer a free shuttle service or car rental during long delays, depending on their policies. It never hurts to ask!

Find out if hotels nearby are offering special deals. Some hotels may offer special rates during times of extreme weather or heavy traffic at the airport. Try calling around before booking your room online to see if there are any deals available.

Call friends and family that may live close by and see if they can pick you up, or offer to put you up in their spare bedroom or living room for a few days until the bad weather has passed and flights are running again. This will not only save you money while you wait, but it will also give you a chance to spend some quality time with people that matter most, especially if it’s been a while since you last saw them!

Use your airline’s social media page to find out about delays, cancellations

Traveling is tough. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, there’s a lot on your plate. Figuring out the best way to get from here to there, packing all of your stuff, and knowing what to do once you’ve arrived can be exhausting. The last thing you want is for security issues to slow down your travels even more.

Here are some items that will help you get where you need to go quickly and smoothly:

1. A 3-1-1 compliant bag

2. TSA PreCheck

3. Liquids in containers smaller than 3 oz.

4. Electronics larger than a cell phone

5. All outer garments (including shoes and hats)

6. Travel-size toiletries

7. Your patience

1. Water bottles

2. Sunscreen

3. Lipstick

4. Shampoo and conditioner

5. Liquid foundation

6. Lotion

7. Baby food

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