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Welcome to BEST AIRLINE AWARD PROGRAM, a blog around airline loyalty programs.

I am an aviation enthusiast since I was 4 years old and was travelling with my parents by plane. Since then, I have flown several hundreds of thousands of miles with airlines and have visited dozens of countries.

At some point I got interested in airline loyalty programs and started to collect miles. My interest grew over time and in 2008 I started this blog to share my experiences about these loyalty programs.

Since then, the blog has evolved into an award booking service for frequent fliers who are lacking the time or patience to research the best award itineraries in order to travel the world at low cost.

What is the Best Airline Award Program?

The Best Airline Award Program is a blog around airline loyalty programs. We value all aspects of a frequent flyer program and not just the award chart. With this in mind, we will award the best airline loyalty program each year based on several factors. For example, we will take into account the ease of redeeming an award ticket and transfer times from hotel partners.

We value your feedback and encourage you to submit questions regarding any aspect of a frequent flyer program.

The Best Airline Award Program (BAAP) is a blog around airline loyalty programs. It was created in 2011 to share news and insights about the current airline landscape, and help travelers get the most out of their miles.

Since its inception, BAAP has been featured on leading media outlets such as CNN, US News and World Report, The Points Guy, and Frequent Business Traveler.

Best Airline Award Program is a blog around airline loyalty program. Every month, the best frequent flyer programs will be selected and awarded. The Best Airline Award Program (BAAP) awards for the following travel categories: Best Overall Frequent Flyer Program of the Month, Best Elite Status of the Month, Best Online Services of the Month, Best Redemption Ability of the Month and Best Customer Service of the Month.

The award winners are announced on every 1st day of each month in our News section. The evaluation criteria for each award category will also be published at that time.

The BAAP Awards were started in 2015 to recognize the best frequent flyer programs worldwide and encourage airlines to improve their services for their loyal customers.

The Best Airline Award Program blog has been created by Stefan (aka Milesopedia) and Simona (aka Frequent Flyer Bon Voyage) to provide news, information, resources and tips on airline loyalty programs around the world.

We are excited to share our passion for frequent flyer miles and reward points with you. We want to help you get the best value out of your miles and points. We will keep you up-to-date with the latest news, promotions and deals from the loyalty programs we cover. Whether you are a newbie or an expert in reward travel, we hope that you will find something useful here.

Airline loyalty programs are more than just a marketing tool. These are the lifeblood for airlines and can make or break its success. Travelers who subscribe to these loyalty programs typically forgets that it’s a two-way street, one where their business help the airline to survive and not be part of the statistic of those that never made it past the first year.

Not only is it important to find an airline that you can build a long term relationship with, but also one that will also give you back in rewards and benefits as much as you do in flying with them. The best airline program should have a balanced mix of benefits across several categories including but not limited to:

Earning Rate (How many miles/points earned per dollar spent)

Reward Redemption (How many miles/points needed for tickets)

Elite Status Benefits (Benefits include earning bonus miles/points, free upgrades, waived baggage fees and lounge access)

Partnerships (Other airlines and partners they work with)

AwardWallet is a service that keeps track of airline frequent flyer and hotel programs miles, providing program information and account balances. The data are aggregated from user entered data – users can enter the information directly into AwardWallet, but also import their accounts via the AwardWallet Premium feature.

As part of the upgrade to the service:

* Users can now add more accounts to their free award wallet premium subscription

* Users can now manage their account activity through award wallets website

* Users can now download their account history as PDF files

The new version of AwardWallet Premium allows users to keep track of all of their loyalty points, and view them in a single interface. The website gives users access to an “account summary” page, which shows how many points they have earned or redeemed in each program, as well as an “activity” page, which shows their recent transactions (i.e., purchases, refunds, redemptions).

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