How To Not Hate A Red Eye Flight

If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking a red eye flight before, let me tell you that it’s an experience. Not only do you arrive at your destination groggy and disheveled, but you can feel ill-prepared for whatever it is you’re about to do because you’ve been awake for the past 12 hours.

This post is about how to take a red eye flight and not hate every single minute of it. Because believe me, I hated every single minute of my first red eye flight until I figured out how to make it tolerable. Read on to learn how to not hate your next red eye flight!

Book Your Flight As Late As Possible: If you’re going to be traveling anywhere outside the continental U.S., book your flights as late as possible. This is especially true if you’re flying overseas or to Asia, where the time change can be brutal.

The longer your flight, the more important this step becomes. You want to put off getting on that plane for as long as possible so you don’t have to sit around all day waiting for your flight with nothing else to do but get tired. If you wait until late in the evening, then after work (or school) all you’ll have time for is

I used to hate red eye flights. I would try to sit as far from the baby as possible, but this would not always work. If a baby was crying, there was really nothing I could do about it. Over time, I’ve had many red eye flights and have become much better at coping with them.

– 1 – Bring Earplugs

It does not matter where you sit, if you bring earplugs, you can focus on getting rest. If you don’t like carrying items around, then buy some earplugs when you visit your local drug store before your flight.

– 2 – Bring An Eye Mask

Eye masks can be helpful if you’re trying to get rest on a plane and want to block out light that is coming from windows or reading lights. Again, if you don’t want to carry an item around with you in your pocket or purse all day, buy one before your flight at the drug store while picking up your earplugs!

– 3 – Buy A Seat With Extra Legroom

If you have the ability to purchase extra leg room seats, spend the money on them! You’ll have more room to stretch out on a red eye flight and be more comfortable for the duration of the trip. It’s worth

Some people are morning people and some are night owls. Some people prefer to be awake early in the day and others prefer to be up late. I, for one, am a night owl. My best work gets done in the evening and late at night when the house is quiet and I have no distractions. I enjoy getting up early on occasion but if given the choice, I would choose to sleep in every time.

It’s not surprising then that my least favorite part of travel is the red eye flight home. A red eye flight is basically a really long sleepless night in an uncomfortable seat on an airplane with strangers. It’s not ideal for anyone but it’s especially tough for us night owls who are used to staying up late into the night.

I’ve taken a lot of red eye flights over the years and have figured out a few tricks along the way that help me get through them without losing my mind. Here are some tips on how to survive a red eye flight:

Red eye flights are one of those things that sounds like a good idea when you’re booking it and then you realize it’s a horrible idea when you’re on it. There’s just something about being up in the air, in a cramped space, with dozens of strangers, with no escape that brings out the worst in people.

But there are ways to make it more tolerable (and sometimes enjoyable) for all involved. I’ve been taking red eye flights for years for work and have developed some tricks along the way. So if you want to make your next red eye flight a little less painful (for yourself or others), pay attention:

1. Book a window seat.

This is the most important point on the list, so I’m putting it first. Do not get stuck in the middle seat. You will hate your life and everyone around you will hate theirs too because you’ll be trying everything possible to get comfortable and sleep without disturbing anyone else. You’ll run out of options quickly and then what? Then you have to wake up everyone around you to go to the bathroom or grab something from your carry-on while they grumble at you as they try to fall back asleep after you woke them up from one of their 10 minutes of restful sleep

It’s 3:30 AM and you’re on a red eye flight. You have no idea what we’re doing, but you know it involves someone asking you to give up your armrest and share yours with the person next to you.

In the last few years, I have flown over 150,000 miles on red eye flights. I’ve learned a lot about how to sleep on planes, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Red Eye Flight 101

A red eye flight is an overnight flight that leaves around 11PM and arrives at its destination shortly after dawn. Most airlines offer this type of flight because they maximize aircraft utilization at night (which is in short demand) while still making money off of passengers who need to travel long distances.

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