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This blog is to help local businesses with their online advertising. It is a difficult task for small businesses to compete in today’s difficult economy, and they need every advantage they can get.

This blog offers information on how local business owners can get free traffic from Google Maps, Google Places, Bing Maps, Yahoo Local and more. These are the top 5 most important places for local businesses to list themselves on in order to get the most exposure for their business. These places also allow you to post coupons, photos and videos of your business, driving even more traffic to your website.

A very easy way for local businesses to get more traffic from these sources is by using a service like http://www.localbizpromoter.com/. This service does all the hard work that needs to be done in order to have your business listed properly on all of these important sites.

If you own a local business, this blog will help you drive tons of traffic to your site for free!

Local businesses are always looking for ways to increase the traffic to their website and foot traffic through their door. This post describes how local businesses can get tons of local traffic for free by creating a Google Places page.

Recently, I added my business to Google Places. Within 2 days I had over 100 visits to my site and within 1 week we had over 300 visits. So what is Google Places? Google places is a free listing in the search engine results pages when someone searches for a business like yours in your area. Your listing will also be displayed in Google Maps when someone searches for local businesses. Google also allows you to add pictures, videos, and coupons that link back to your website. All of these links back to your website will help increase your website’s search engine ranking and drive even more customers to your door.

The internet has made it easier for local businesses to compete with large companies, and websites are one of the most powerful tools at their disposal. In the past, it was very expensive to advertise your services and products to potential customers, but today you can do this for free.

Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places, Facebook Business Pages, and other sites are all places where you can advertise your business without spending any money.

So much of a businesses’ success depends on being found online by people in their area, but many local businesses don’t get the maximum benefit from these free resources.

I created a blog called Local Traffic Source to help local businesses take advantage of the opportunity to be found online by people in their area and send them traffic without spending any money.

This blog will be written as if I were talking directly to a small business owner. It will be written in a friendly tone and not too technical.

How to get more traffic for your local business website? That’s a question we get all the time.

You’ve probably seen the ads that promise tons of traffic to your site using Google Adwords and similar services. It’s easy to see why you’d want to buy those ads, but you need to realize that there are better ways to get traffic.

The problem with pay-per-click advertising is that it only works if you have plenty of money. If you don’t have enough money to bid on a keyword and then wait for the clicks and conversions, you’ll be wasting your time and money.

Fortunately, there are free sources of traffic which are actually better than paid ads for local businesses. Here’s how to get them:

1) Use Google Maps

Google Maps is the easiest way for people in your area to find you online. All you need to do is sign up at Google Places and provide information about your business, including hours of operation and payment methods accepted.

2) Get listed on review sites

When it comes to getting traffic to a local business, you can’t afford to be lazy. If you want to get serious organic traffic and leads, you need to make sure you’ve tapped into every possible source of traffic available. When it comes to driving traffic, Google My Business (or GMB) is one of the biggest sources of free traffic on the internet.

GMB lets businesses create listings that show up in Maps and Search results, and lets customers leave reviews. Many businesses don’t realize how powerful it is – or how easy it is to set up.

If you’re a small business owner, claiming your GMB listing is essential for SEO and online presence. But even then, many businesses don’t take full advantage of their GMB listing and miss out on tons of traffic that could be driving more leads and sales.

We’re going to take a look at exactly how Google My Business works and how it can help drive more free traffic to your business.

There are many ways to get free traffic to your business, especially if you’re a local business.

People are searching for your product/service right now on Google and other search engines. You just need to bring them in your store or office.

This guide is very simple, practical and actionable guide based on my experience with thousands of customers.

Every year, millions of people travel to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Many of those individuals plan on visiting local tourist destinations such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, or Disneyland. If you own a local business and want to attract travelers at LAX, then consider these 3 tips:

1. Target Travelers At LAX

The first step is to direct your marketing efforts towards travelers at LAX. This can be done by using Google AdWords to set up a campaign that targets specific keywords. Examples of good keywords include “visiting LA,” “LAX,” “near LAX,” and “things to do near LAX.”

2. Create A Landing Page

After identifying your target market, the next step is to create a landing page for your business. This will give travelers important information about your company such as its location, hours of operation, and contact details. For best results, be sure to include a link that directs visitors from the landing page to your main website.

3. Reach Out To Travel Bloggers

Another way to reach travelers at LAX is by getting in touch with travel bloggers in the Los Angeles area. These bloggers can help promote your business by mentioning it on their websites or social media accounts. With

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