The Average Cost of a Private Jet

“For that reason, I set about writing a blog on the costs of owning your own private jet. The blog is based on the assumption that you will be buying a new Cessna Citation Mustang, which is a relatively small private jet. However, it is still representative of the cost of owning any other aircraft.” -Average Cost of a Private Jet

The Average Cost of a Private Jet

What’s the average cost of a private jet? The most straightforward answer is to say that a private jet costs what you are willing to pay for it. But this answer is short-sighted, and it doesn’t help you understand what the best choice is for your particular needs and situation. There are many factors at play in determining the cost of owning a private jet, and you should be aware of each one if you are considering buying or leasing a plane.

The following information will give you some guidance on the total cost of ownership and lease options. You can also talk to our team at Flyhomes or contact us online to learn more about our services. We have been in this business for years, and we have seen customers who have made every conceivable mistake when it comes to buying or leasing planes. If you want to avoid those mistakes, read on!

The average cost of a private jet ranges from $1,094 per hour for the Citation Mustang to $7,010 per hour for the Global Express XRS. The next most expensive jets are the Gulfstream 550 at $5,590, the Gulfstream G450 at $4,130 and the Bombardier Challenger 850 at $3,120 per hour.

Private jets also require a crew. The average annual salary of a pilot is $82,000 while an experienced co-pilot can make up to $150,000 annually. Flight attendants are paid hourly, but the average salary is around $47,000 with benefits.

Maintenance costs for private planes vary by type. For example, a Cessna 152 requires about $802 for an oil change and annual inspection while the Citation CJ2+ requires about $8,600 in maintenance costs. Annual inspections are also required as well as insurance to protect against any liability claims that may arise during flight.

What is the cost of a private jet?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked.It’s understandable. People have a misconception about jets and their costs. They are perceived as expensive, ostentatious, and only for the rich and famous.But what if I told you that owning a jet was actually easier than you think?

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost?

The short answer is: It depends. There are different types of jets, sizes of jets, and age of jets. The costs depend on how much you use the jet, where you go with it, and how old the aircraft is.All of these factors will determine your cost per hour to operate your jet anywhere from $1,500/hour to $10,000/hour on average.To give you a better idea of what it would cost you to buy a private jet, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to private jet pricing.To give you an idea of how much it will cost for total ownership (including maintenance, crew salary, hangar fees), see our article: What is the Average Cost to Own a Private Jet?

What Can You Get For What Price?

These numbers are based on estimates from our own research at Stratos Jets and from

It is common for people to assume that the cost of a private jet is much higher than what it really is. The average cost of a private jet ranges from $1.5 million to $6 million with most popular priced at $2.5 million in 2010. The average cost to fly on a private jet is about $3,500 per hour. While it may seem high, this includes fuel, air traffic control, catering, ground handling and other expenses.

The cost of owning a private jet can be broken down into several categories:

Aircraft acquisition costs – covers the actual purchase price of the aircraft (including any customization), taxes on the purchase, pre-delivery inspection fees and modification costs.

Fixed recuring costs – annual fixed cost associated with keeping an aircraft operational including insurance premiums, hangarage charges or tie-down fees, maintenance programs and crew salaries.

Variable recurring costs – variable cost associated with flying an aircraft including pilot salary and benefits; fuel, oil and lubricants; catering; landing fees; flight planning fees; navigational charges; training fees; and supplies (i.e., toiletries, food/beverages).

The query was simple: “I’m thinking of buying a private jet and want to know what it will cost me.” The response? A bit more complex.

So, how much does it cost to buy a private jet? It depends – the price range is huge! A small, two-seater Cessna 150 can be had for approximately $10,000. On the other end of the spectrum, a Gulfstream G550 costs about $60 million. That’s quite a difference! The average cost of a private jet, however, falls in the middle at about $4 million for a mid-sized jet.

Most people are looking to buy a private jet for personal or business travel. In those cases, the best option for most people is to purchase an airplane that meets their needs. For around $4 million you can get a great airplane that meets your requirements with plenty of flexibility – the ability to fly cross-country or intercontinental on your own schedule with no security lines, no baggage fees and no delays.

Aircraft ownership comes with many benefits, but it also comes with costs – and they can seem daunting at times. There are four main categories of costs: purchase price, fixed costs (which includes hangar rental/ownership, insurance

Buying and owning a private jet is like having your own car. If you are not a pilot, you need to hire one. The more you use the aircraft the more expensive it will be to operate.

The running cost of owning a private plane varies based on how many hours you use it per year, how often it flies, and how far. To calculate the annual operating cost of a plane, multiply the variable costs of the flight by the number of hours flown annually. Variable costs include fuel, airframe maintenance, labor and parts, oil, landing fees, and catering.

It is difficult to estimate flight costs for a private plane because there are so many variables involved. You can however get an approximate idea by considering the following:

Aircraft Ownership Costs

Aircraft purchase price – This will vary greatly depending on what kind of aircraft you buy and how new or old it is at time of purchase. You can find out more about buying an aircraft here​

Initial Maintenance Costs – Most aircraft models require inspection after a certain number of months or years in service in order to ensure proper working conditions and safety. These inspections can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $100,000 depending on the type of aircraft you have and whether any major issues

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