The Best Affordable Travel Destinations For The Holidays

The Best Affordable Travel Destinations For The Holidays

The holidays are almost here and you don’t have a plan yet? Here are some affordable travel destinations that are perfect for the holiday season.

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The holidays are fun, but they can also be stressful and expensive. If you want to get away from it all with your family, take a look at our list of the best affordable travel destinations for the holidays.

Vacations are one of life’s great pleasures. However, as a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to pay for airfare and accommodations for several people. Wherever you plan to go this year, if you are looking for the best affordable travel destinations for the holidays, we have some suggestions.

We have compiled a list of destinations that may not be on your radar yet, but will definitely fit into your budget. From warm beaches to bustling cities and charming towns, there are many options available to you.

If you’re traveling with kids or just want an adults-only vacation, these affordable travel destinations have something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to relax!

So you’re ready to take the plunge and book your ticket. The best affordable travel destinations for the holidays are hard to pick because they usually involve the best deals. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite spots that won’t break the bank, but will offer a memorable experience.

The best affordable travel destinations for the holidays in 2016 are Mexico, Hawaii, British Columbia, Italy, and Scotland. Each place has something to offer travelers and they have different climates so it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want warmth then Mexico may be your best bet. If you’re looking for snow and cold winter weather then Scotland is perfect!

One of the best things about the holiday season is the opportunity to travel and celebrate with your loved ones. But for many, the cost of airfare and hotels can be a major deterrent. Luckily, there are several spots across the country that are both affordable and festive during the holidays.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis has been called one of America’s best “value destinations” by Lonely Planet as well as one of the cheapest places to travel in 2017 by Travel + Leisure, so it’s safe to say you won’t have to spend much money to have fun here. The city has a host of holiday-themed events, including the Winterfest ice rink at Steinberg Skating Rink that is open until mid-February; admission is only $7 for adults, $4 for children and free for those under four years old. And if you happen to visit on December 31, you can catch a free New Year’s Eve fireworks show at 8 p.m., sponsored by StL 250, which commemorates St. Louis’ 250th anniversary this year.

Just because you may not be going to a tropical destination for the holidays, doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a wonderful time. There are some amazing places to visit in the United States and abroad, that are perfect for affordable holiday travel.

It is important, however, to book your trip early – especially if you want to travel during peak times. Airlines and hotels often charge more money, or they limit the amount of availability they have, during certain parts of the year.

Road trips are about more than the destination. Sure, you’ll want to check out all the sights and landmarks along the way, but it’s also important to have fun! Take in all that our beautiful country has to offer. If you’re planning a road trip soon, consider these destinations for your journey.

1. The Grand Canyon

You’ve likely seen photos of this natural wonder before, but nothing compares to seeing it in person. Whether you’re hiking down into the Canyon or taking a helicopter ride over its length, there’s no bad way to see one of America’s most treasured landmarks.

2. Mount Rushmore

This iconic national monument is carved into a mountain in Keystone, South Dakota. It features the faces of four American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The faces are each 60 feet high and are a must-see!

3. Denali National Park & Preserve

Denali National Park & Preserve is located in Alaska and is home to the tallest mountain peak in North America: Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley). There are plenty of ways to explore this popular park, including hiking trails, scenic drives and river rafting tours.

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