Air India’s New ‘World’s Longest Flight’ Will Fly You To A Fun-Filled Getaway For The Lowest Fares In Just 13 Hours

We constantly hear about new and innovative airlines, but when it comes to flights, most people think about the big names in the industry such as Air India, Jet Airways, and Indigo. While these are some of the top airlines in the world, they are not always within reach of those who want to fly somewhere. Now Air India has announced the launch of a new airline that will offer non-stop flights from New Delhi to San Francisco in just 13 hours.

The idea behind this new airline is to help people get away from their daily routine and enjoy a fun-filled getaway for the lowest fares possible. This airline is called Air India Express, and it will start operations on March 1, 2019.

Air India Express will be available for international passengers who wish to travel from one destination to another by air. All flights will depart from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport at 1:30 AM and arrive at San Francisco International Airport at 5:30 PM local time.

This flight is going to be one of the longest non-stop flights in the world, with a distance of 11,192 miles (17,971 km). The company says that this flight will be more than half an hour faster than any other flight between the two cities.

Air India has been in the news for the longest time now. From it being mired in controversies, to offering the cheapest fares, the airline has taken many steps to keep itself on the front pages of newspapers and on top of trending charts on social media.

And just when we thought that we had seen and heard it all, Air India surprised us with a brand new offer that is sure to make you go wow. Air India will launch the world’s longest non-stop flight between Delhi and San Francisco, starting from December 2 this year, but you can book your tickets from today onwards!

This new flight route is supposed to cover a whopping distance of 15,300 km and will take about 13 hours to reach its destination. It will be operated by Boeing 777-200 LR planes and will fly over the Pacific Ocean and over Canada’s Arctic region.

The fares for this longest flight in the world are currently priced at Rs 30,000 for economy class seats and Rs 50,000 for business class seats. The initial booking period will last till October 20 after which the fares will increase by 10 per cent. The airline is expected to make available 5-6 flights in this route every week.

Air India is soon going to be the star of the travel world. Not only it will offer India’s cheapest international flights, but it will soon have the world’s longest flight!

While the aviation industry is getting more and more competitive, Air India is all set to add another feather in its cap. We all know that Delhi-San Francisco flight is already quite popular and happens to be one of the longest non-stop routes, but with this new service, Air India will become a front runner as far as the distance covered on a single route is concerned.

The Delhi-San Francisco flight will soon become the longest non-stop flight in term of miles covered! The airline has decided to launch a non-stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco. The route shall cover 14,500 kilometers in just about 13 hours. This new route would allow passengers to be dropped off at their destinations without stopping for refueling, which would make it an even smoother journey.

The new route shall be launched in November this year and will cover 7,000 nautical miles between the two cities. At present, Air India has been operating a direct flight between these two cities via Frankfurt but with this new venture, the flight time would decrease significantly and passengers will get

In a few days’ time, Delhi will see its very first Air India flight to San Francisco. And in just 13 hours, AI 173 will soar its way to the skies and make history by becoming the longest flight connecting India and US. This is also going to be the first non-stop flight between the two countries.

With this new route, Air India is all set to take the title of ‘world’s longest flight’ from Qatar Airways (Doha-Auckland) that currently holds it with a flying duration of 17 hours and 30 minutes.

What’s more? While you can enjoy your journey with utmost comfort, you can also look forward to a great shopping experience as you buy duty-free goods or have a sumptuous meal as you watch an in-flight movie.

If you’re ready to take a long haul flight to the west coast, then Air India’s new flight may just do the trick. On December 2, 2015, Air India will be launching the longest nonstop flight in the world from Delhi to San Francisco. The new flight will take off from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and land at San Francisco International Airport.

The journey will take approximately 13 hours and 30 minutes on the Boeing 777-200 LR. The one-way fare for this route has been fixed at Rs 57,765 (plus taxes). In this price range, you’ll get a seat in economy class in a 3-4-3 configuration with an inflight entertainment system and Wi-Fi (available soon).

Air India has also announced that it will be operating a nonstop flight from Delhi to New York (JFK) starting November 8, this year. This flight will also be operated on Boeing 777-200 LR. Flights between Delhi and Newark will continue to remain operational.

Air India has announced the launch of a new longest non-stop flight between New Delhi and San Francisco, California. The airline’s new direct flight will be the world’s longest non-stop flight in terms of distance and duration. The inaugural flight will take off on December 2, 2015, and will operate three times a week.

The airline is offering an all-inclusive ticket fare of Rs 59,995 for the economy class and Rs 1,64,000 for the business class for this route.

The travel time for this ultra long-haul direct flight will be 13 hours 30 minutes from New Delhi to San Francisco and 14 hours 45 minutes from San Francisco to New Delhi. The aircraft used for this route will be Boeing 777-200 LR. A total of 238 seats are available in this aircraft which includes eight in first class, 35 in business class and 195 seats in economy class with three classes of service.

India’s flag carrier, Air India has announced that it is going to start a non-stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco (SFO) from December 2, 2015. This will be the longest non-stop flight in the world, with a total flying time of around 18 hours and 30 minutes.

This direct flight will be operated three times a week on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays by Boeing 777-200LR aircraft. The flight AI 173 will depart from New Delhi at 3:55 am and reach SFO at 5:30 am (local time). On its return journey, AI 174 will leave SFO at 8:55 pm (local time) and reach Delhi at 4:35 pm the next day.

The airline has also announced special introductory fares for the new route. The fares for the economy class start from Rs 49,000 while those for business class are available at Rs 129,000.

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