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Eastern Airlines’ call center is working day and night to provide the best customer service possible. Your experience with our call center is important to us. We have created this blog to capture your thoughts and experiences with our call center so that we can improve the service we provide you.

It is often easy to forget, but we are all human beings. We make mistakes. If you have a negative experience with one of our call center employees, please let us know! Just remember, they are human beings too! They will do their best to be helpful and friendly, but sometimes they are having a bad day and may not be as helpful as they could be. Please understand and help them get through the day by being kind to them.

We appreciate your understanding of human nature, and look forward to serving you again in the future!

I recently had the opportunity to travel on Eastern Airlines and had to experience their call center. I was blown away by the competency and professionalism of these agents. They were very knowledgeable about the airline industry, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

I was also amazed at how quickly they resolved my issue. I called in and was told that my flight had been canceled and they needed to reschedule it but wouldn’t be able to do so until the next day because they didn’t have anyone available then. I asked them to call me back when they could get someone on duty, but when I got home there was no message from them.

I called them back again and spoke with another agent who explained that they were currently experiencing high call volume but would be able to reschedule my flight later today or tomorrow if I wanted it sooner than that. She gave me her direct line number so that I could call her directly if needed, which was incredibly helpful since most airlines don’t offer anything similar.

I am a frequent flyer on Eastern Airlines. I have flown several times and your service is usually great. However, I had a terrible experience with your call center earlier today.

I called to book a flight from Denver to Houston on flight

Dear Eastern Airlines,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your recent service experience. We would like to inform you that this matter is currently being addressed. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.


Customer Care

I was in Miami airport and had already missed my flight. I called the Eastern Airlines call center to see if I could recover my situation, but the lady on the phone didn’t give me any options other than buying a new ticket, which is not acceptable as it’s clear that I should be able to either get another flight or get reimbursed for my ticket.

I tried many times to explain to her that it’s not about the money, but she wouldn’t listen and just kept repeating that she couldn’t help me.

You have been hired to evaluate the customer service call center. You have no experience in customer service call centers, but you are a smart, diligent person and you can handle it. You know that your job will be to fix whatever problems you find and get the call center back up to acceptable levels. You know enough to understand that the term “acceptable levels” is a vague one; you want to do the best you can, but there is no fixed standard, and what matters most is not the quality of your work but how pleased your supervisors are with it.

You start by observing some calls and taking notes about what seems wrong. You look at how long each call takes, how many calls come in, how many calls get dropped or “abandoned”, etc. One of the first things you notice is that often when someone calls in, they have to wait on hold for ten minutes or more before they get an actual person. So you go around and ask people who work there why this is. They give several reasons: sometimes it’s because all the operators are busy handling other calls; sometimes it’s because there are too few operators; sometimes it’s because no one has answered a call for a while and so when someone does dial in he gets routed to a

I’m traveling on the aforementioned airline. I call to check both my flight status and if I can get a window seat. In both cases, they tell me they don’t have that info yet.

I find it hard to believe that an airline doesn’t know what seats are open on what flight, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt–maybe they don’t want to seat two people in a row together until the last minute so they can figure out how many no-shows there will be. So okay, I can live with that, though it does strike me as odd. At least they have someone at their 800 number who can answer questions about booking policies.

So I arrive at the airport and go to check in. The first thing I do is ask for a window seat, since I couldn’t get one when I called earlier–I should mention that this is something I always do before checking anything else. The agent says “Sure,” types something into her computer and hands me a boarding pass… with a window seat!

She then tells me that my flight is canceled and tries to rebook me on another flight later in the day (we’re talking 7AM here–too late). But of course she can’t give me a window seat

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