Most Popular Airports by Size

This is an infographic of the thirty busiest airports in the world along with travel tips. If you are looking for the best airport, then you should consider a number of factors. You should look at the airport’s location, amenities, service, and cost. You should also consider its ability to get you to your destination on time.

You can find airports ranked by their number of annual passengers or by their number of airplanes taking off and landing daily. There are also lists that rank airports by how many international passengers they have.

In this infographic, we will look at the most popular airports by size: An infographic of the thirty busiest airports in the world along with travel tips.

This infographic is a data visualization of the world’s 30 busiest airports by size. The airports are ranked by the number of passengers that arrived or departed in 2012. This infographic includes information about the number of runways, airlines and destinations for each airport as well as some travel tips for every airport.

With an estimated 73 million passengers in 2012, London Heathrow is the busiest passenger airport in the world. It is followed by Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson which handled approximately 95 million passengers in 2012 and Beijing Capital International Airport with approximately 89.9 million passengers.

This infographic ranks the busiest airports in the world by size. It shows how many passengers board each year, what destinations they fly to and also gives some advice on how to travel most comfortably.

The world is getting smaller every day, so it’s no surprise that air travel has never been more popular. Of course, some airports are more popular than others. According to Airports Council International, the busiest airport in the world (by size) is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia.

There are 30 airports in the world that are considered major airports. These 30 airports handle more than 40 million passengers each year. In 2010, these 30 airports handled over 2.5 billion passengers combined, which is equal to one third of the world’s air traffic.

The thirty busiest airports in the world vary in size and location. A majority of these busy airports are located in Asia and Europe where the demand for air travel is high.

In China alone, four of its busiest airports handle over 134 million passengers a year, whereas North America has two major airports on this list that handles approximately 100 million passengers a year combined.

1 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Total Passengers: 94,432,917

2 Beijing Capital International Airport

Total Passengers: 83,688,064

3 Dubai International Airport

Total Passengers: 74,871,121

4 Tokyo Haneda Airport

Total Passengers: 75,319,788

5 London Heathrow Airport

Total Passengers: 73,504,182

6 O’Hare International Airport

Total Passengers: 68,907,069

7 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Total Passengers: 63,872,292

8 Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta International Airport

Total Passengers: 62,211,717

9 Shanghai Pudong International Airport Total Passengers: 61,981,014 10 Frankfurt Airport Total Passengers: 58,514,781 11 Incheon International Airport Total Passengers: 57,886,525 12 Los Angeles International Airport Total Passengers: 57,263,561 13 Hong Kong International Airport Total

The world’s airports are a bustling, interconnected network that carries more than 4 billion people every year. In order to accommodate such a huge volume of travel, the world’s airports have had to grow in both size and capacity. Here’s a look at some of the busiest airports in the world and what you need to know before flying.

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