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UNEXPECTED Sightseeing below the Sky: A blog about tourist sights in Las Vegas. Helicopter rides near me, places to visit and things to do in Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas is a city of lights and action. It’s a playground for the rich, famous and lucky, but also for people who want to be rich, famous and lucky. I’ve been visiting Las Vegas a couple of times per year for the last five years. This blog is about places I visited during my trips to Las Vegas.

It’s not about gambling, drinking or shows (I don’t drink and gamble, and I haven’t seen any shows yet), but about sightseeing in Las Vegas. If you don’t like casinos and love nature and great views, then this blog is for you.

I will recommend places I visited, and talk about them in details.

What’s under the Las Vegas sky? This is the question that I am going to answer. You never know what you are going to discover. Flying over the city of Las Vegas, Nevada can be a fun experience for those who have never seen the city from the air.

The first thing that I noticed about flying in a helicopter was how easy it was. It seemed like there were no rules at all and no safety requirements. In fact, I think that this is one of the reasons that I enjoy flying in a helicopter so much.

I also found that flying in a helicopter made me feel a lot more secure than if I had taken a plane ride. When you are on a plane, you are always worried about what might happen if something goes wrong and you have not been prepared for it. However, when you are in a helicopter, you are more likely to be able to relax and enjoy yourself because the pilot knows what he or she is doing and knows how to handle any problems that may arise while they are flying over the city of Las Vegas.

helicopter rides near me

Helicopter Rides in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is often associated with gambling and nightlife, there are so many more things to do in this city. In this blog, I will be posting about the best places to see in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada that has a lot of entertainment options. It is known for its casinos and club scene. There are also lots of museums, outdoor activities, and shopping options.

The Las Vegas Strip is an amazing place to see at night. All the neon lights, all the action; you can get a real feel of the excitement that is Las Vegas. But there is a way to see the Strip in all its glory and it will cost you less than a dinner for two at the Bellagio. I’m talking about a helicopter tour.

There are many helicopter tour companies in Las Vegas, some good and some not so good. The main difference between them is their prices and their sightseeing options. Since most of these companies are located on or near the Strip, you should start by calling them and getting their prices. Also ask if they offer different sightseeing options and what is included in each option.

Once you have done your research and found out which company has the best price for the sights you want to see, it’s time to head down to the Strip and take off in one of those flying death traps (just kidding… sort of).

I always recommend taking an evening flight over the city lights. It’s just more exciting that way! Oh, and always get window seats! You don’t want your view blocked by someone else’s head!

Once your in the air there are many sights to see on either side of

Las Vegas is a place of contradictions. If you’re looking for a wild experience, we have that in spades. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, we can give you that too. And if you are looking for the unexpected, you’ll see that we excel at providing just that.

Las Vegas helicopters are a great way to get a look at the famous Las Vegas strip. They offer you the chance to take in more of the city than you could any other way while getting a bird’s eye view of everything. Helicopters are also great fun, so they make your trip even more enjoyable.

As with any negotiation or purchase, be sure to get what’s in writing. Get names and phone numbers on paper so that there is no confusion later on about who said what when. When booking your flight, be sure to ask about the weather conditions and whether or not you should reschedule if they are poor. Also be sure to ask how many people your helicopter can hold so that there is no disappointment when it comes time to fly.

While in Las Vegas helicopters, take the opportunity to enjoy some of the sights that are only accessible by air. There are places you can go where other tourists simply cannot reach them, allowing you to enjoy an

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