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The Best Jobs In The World is a blog around the most sought after jobs in the world. This blog is created by me, Eveline Klerkx, who is a 22 year old girl from Belgium. I currently work as an event planner but I’m looking for new challenges.

I am young and have no children, so I can immediately start working anywhere in the world. My dream job is being a flight crew member for Emirates Airlines. On this blog I’ll write about how great it would be to live abroad and what it takes to get my dream job at Emirates Airlines.

You may think that the best jobs in the world are the ones that pay the most money, or give you celebrity status, but what about jobs that offer incredible travel opportunities? If you could have a job that allowed you to see the world, you would probably be pretty happy.

If you’re looking for work, here are some of the best careers for traveling in style.

Flight attendant

Being a flight attendant gives you opportunities to travel like no other job. If you’re a flight attendant, your boss expects you to be ready to work at a moment’s notice, so they’ll put you up in a hotel near the airport until it’s time for your next flight. If a flight is delayed and the crew has to stay overnight in another city, they get put up in hotels there, too! And since flight attendants are employees of an airline, they can also fly free on their days off and take advantage of super-discounted “buddy passes” that let friends and family members fly with them at hugely reduced prices.


Being a pilot might not sound like one of the best jobs for traveling to most of us because it doesn’t involve being pampered in first class like a flight attendant does. But pilots do get to see

One of my favorite things about the internet is that it gives me the opportunity to participate in conversations with smart people.

A conversation that I’ve been having a lot over the last few years is with a group of friends whom I grew up with and who have now graduated from college and moved out into the world. The conversation always starts off the same way: “You know what would be awesome? Being a flight attendant.”

I don’t blame them for thinking this: when I was their age, I thought it would be awesome to be a flight attendant too. But after spending some time living abroad and taking many long-distance flights, I have come to appreciate that being a flight attendant is one of the worst jobs in the world.

The most important thing to understand about flying is that there is nothing magical or glamorous about it. It’s just sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end. Some planes are better than others, but most are pretty bad. A good flight is one where you get to your destination without anything going wrong; every other scenario is worse, ranging from mildly annoying (babies crying) to terrible (babies crying for ten hours straight).

Flights are not always smooth sailing for both the passengers and the flight crew. In fact, there are a lot of things that can go wrong even before the plane takes off.

The aircrew must be able to deal with these situations with ease and grace. If you ever encountered a flight steward or stewardess who was scared stiff during turbulence, you’d probably be afraid as well.

So what does it take to be an airline flight crew?

Aside from being fit to fly, one must have a positive attitude towards work. Even though you’re dealing with strangers everyday, you should be able to treat each passenger as a friend or at least someone you care about. A cheerful smile can go a long way especially when things don’t go as planned during the flight.

In addition to having people skills, airline crews must also have excellent communication skills. They need to be able to address passenger complaints and concerns in a professional manner. Being able to speak English well is also important since most airlines operate in English-speaking countries.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a flight attendant, this is your chance. We are looking for fun, energetic and motivated individuals who are interested in exploring the world with us. General Duties: Our Flight Attendants provide excellent customer service to Customers in the airport and during flights by performing the following duties:

– Greets passengers, assists with carrying luggage, checks tickets and directs passengers

– Provides information regarding airline regulations and procedures concerning transportation of passengers, excess baggage, hazardous materials and other matters

– Directs passengers in emergencies; demonstrates use of safety equipment; initiates first aid procedures when necessary

– Analyzes situations accurately and takes effective action

– Complies with all Company policies, procedures and safety practices.

Sure, you could take the role of a flight attendant or a pilot, but how about being a flight crew member for the world’s first space hotel? The Galactic Suite Space Resort aims to be the world’s first “luxury hotel in space”. And if you’re really lucky, you may even get to work on the Space Station if and when it is finally built. You’ll be paid $100,000 per month, but don’t expect any gravity or room service!

Flight crew recruitment is a simple and age old process. A company advertises a job, candidates apply with their credentials, the company reviews the credentials and interviews candidates they deem qualified, and finally hires the most qualified candidate.

The hiring process varies slightly depending on the airline. Some airlines post job openings in industry magazines such as Flight International, others advertise through their website or through direct mail campaigns. Regardless of how an airline attracts talent, it has to sift through thousands of applications to find the few hundred most qualified candidates to interview. The interview is usually conducted by a panel consisting of three people: two pilots and one HR representative. In some cases, one member of the panel is an engineer. Typically, each member asks questions of the candidate individually and then discusses his or her impressions with other members of the panel after the interview is completed.

The final selection process can take up to several months because most airlines prefer to hire in batches rather than individually in order to ensure that they get enough new hires at one time to fill their training classes. After being selected for a job offer, successful candidates are typically given a conditional offer letter that includes medical evaluations as well as examinations such as an ATP written exam or simulator check ride.

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