the best places to get the cheapest flights

The best places to get the cheapest flights

We know where you can find cheap flights and show you how to book these on We’ve researched the top destinations for flights from each airport in the UK and put them together in one place so that you can easily find the best deals on flights.

The best places to get the cheapest flights are sometimes places you haven’t heard of. Sometimes they’re not even real places, but just a combination of nearby airports.

For example, did you know that there’s a “Zeeland” airport in the Netherlands? Well, there isn’t. There is a Rotterdam (RTM) and an Amsterdam (AMS), but what SkyScanner calls “Zeeland” is actually a combination of both airports, which might be useful if your travel dates are flexible or you want to explore two cities instead of one.

You can also combine airports from different countries, like Kaunas (in Lithuania) and Palanga (in Lithuania). Both cities are on the Baltic coast, about 40 miles apart. So if you’re looking for cheap flights to the region, it might make sense to see what’s available at both destinations before booking.

The best places to get the cheapest flights are often smaller, budget airlines. Most budget airlines only allow for carry-on luggage that fits underneath the seat in front of you, so pack as lightly as possible. Also, use sites like Skyscanner or Kayak to find the cheapest flights.

If you are able to be somewhat flexible with your travel dates, check the prices for several different days in a month on a site like Often you can save several hundred dollars just by changing your dates by one day!

Sometimes it can also be cheaper to fly into or out of airports close to your destination, and take a train or bus to your final destination. If you do this, be sure to check if there are any other fees (like train station luggage storage fees) that might make this option more expensive than flying directly into your final destination.

The best places to get the cheapest flights are usually not the largest websites, but specific airline websites. Once you find a flight you like, check out the airline’s website for their price. You’ll almost always find it’s cheaper there.

Another way to get good deals is to sign up for newsletters from airlines and travel sites themselves. When they have sales, they will announce them there first.

Airlines know that most people just look at the cheapest ticket, so you can often score a better deal if you’re willing to fly in or out on inconvenient days or times. To find these tickets, clear your cookies and search again with an incognito window (or private browsing session). All major browsers have this feature, which can be enabled under the “File” menu by selecting “New Incognito Window.”

If you’re flexible with when you want to travel, use fare alerts to track prices. AirfareWatchdog allows you to select specific routes and sends you notifications when fares drop.

The best place to find cheap flights depends on where you’re flying from:

From the U.S., Europe, or Canada: Cheap flights are mostly a matter of luck, but there are a few things you can do to make it more likely. The best are:

1. Fly from an airport with lots of competition

2. Fly from an airport near your destination (for example, fly out of San Jose instead of San Francisco if you’re going to Mexico)

3. Fly mid-week (or on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays)

4. Stay flexible, so that if you get a cheap flight you can change your plans

5. Be willing to fly indirect routes; they often have less competition

6. Be willing to travel at strange hours; these also tend to have less competition

7. Sign up for fare alerts at

From Asia or Africa: Check if there is a big city nearby that has international flights; often flights from other countries will be cheaper than ones from yours!

If you want to go to Europe, and you don’t care what country, you can get the best deals from Norwegian Air and Wow Airlines. If you don’t care what month, then January is the cheapest month:

If you’re flexible on where to go, but not when, these are the cheapest places to fly in September:

If you’re flexible on both countries and dates, here are the cheapest places to fly this week:

1. Europe

2. Asia

3. South America

4. Africa

5. Australia

6. Central America & Caribbean

7. North America

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