The Sky is the Limit, Drought Kenya

The Sky is the Limit (TSITL) is a blog about the Drought in Kenya and other African countries. The aim of this blog is to raise awareness of the drought happening in Africa, as well as to provide information on several ways that you can help.

The blog was created by Ukrainian Airlines as a part of their CSR efforts to bring together different businesses and individuals who would like to make a change.

This is an initiative that will benefit many people, especially if we all work together.

The main target groups for this blog are children and youth, with the hope of raising awareness in many families and communities. This is a very interesting topic for most children and youth, therefore there will be several posts per week dedicated specifically to them.

The Sky is the Limit

A Blog About The Drought in Kenya and Other African Countries

Rain will be Falling, So Get your Umbrella’s Out!

Rain will be Falling, So Get your Umbrella’s Out!

Rain will be Falling, So Get your Umbrella’s Out!

Rain will be Falling, So Get your Umbrella’s Out!

Rain will be Falling, So Get your Umbrella’s Out!

Rain will be Falling, So Get your Umbrella’s Out!


As the world celebrates the new year with fireworks, Kenya mourns a drier year. A year that saw the death of livestock due to lack of water and pasture.

Several families have been displaced as they try to look for pasture and water for their livestock.

The government has taken several measures to try and curb the drought but all in vain. Many relief food centers have been set up in several parts of the country but it’s not enough to cater for all the needy.

The first Ukrainian Airlines flight from Kyiv to Nairobi was fully booked with a load factor of 90%. On the left side of the aircraft, there is a huge kind of advertisement that says “The Sky is the Limit”. It reminds me of when I used to take planes from Amsterdam to Kenya with KLM. The Dutch airline also had this saying at the entrance of the plane: “The Sky is the Limit”. It is nice to see how much business there is between Kenya and Ukraine.

At this moment I am flying over Russia, heading for the Caspian Sea. Then we are going over Iran and then we will be in India. We will enter Africa on the north-east side, in Ethiopia. After that we are heading southwards towards Nairobi where I will arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport tonight at 10pm Kenyan time.

Ukrainian Airlines: The Sky is the Limit

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad to have you as a regular reader of all the latest news and updates regarding Ukrainian Airlines. I have always wanted to share my love of flying with you, and this blog will be a way for me to do that. In addition to sharing my personal experiences with aviation, I also plan to discuss industry trends, news, and tips on flying.

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Ukraine’s national airline, Aerosvit, has filed for bankruptcy with a court in the country’s commercial capital, Kiev. The airline was one of two airlines that linked the UK directly to Ukraine. It had debts of $US177 million and assets worth $US66 million.

Aerosvit had been trying unsuccessfully to find an investor or buyer for over a year. Analysts say the company has been badly affected by the global economic downturn and unrest in Ukraine following last year’s disputed presidential election. The airline said it would continue to fly and honour its obligations to passengers who have already bought tickets. However, any future bookings are likely to be cancelled unless a deal can be reached with other companies in the next few days.

The Ukrainian government says it is looking at ways to help tens of thousands of people who have already bought tickets on the airline.

Aerosvit flies from Kiev and Donetsk to several European cities including London, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

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