Top Ten Luxury Train Rides in the World

Last week, I posted my top ten list of luxury train rides in the world. While that list was based on my personal experiences, this week I am switching gears and sharing a list of ten of the most luxurious train rides in the world, as ranked by Luxury Train Club. The Luxury Train Club offers the finest luxury trains from around the globe to its members, but not all trains are created equal. Below is a list of their top ten picks for most luxurious train rides in the world.

10. Deccan Odyssey, India

9. The Ghan Expedition, Australia

8. Eastern & Oriental Express, Southeast Asia

7. Blue Train, South Africa

6. Venice Simplon Orient Express, Europe

5. Belmond Royal Scotsman, Scotland

4. Palace on Wheels, India

3. Rovos Rail, South Africa

2. British Pullman and Northern Belle, United Kingdom

1. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russia

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express (VSOE) remains the most famous train in the world, and was chosen by Condé Nast Traveller magazine as one of the top ten luxury train rides in the world. The VSOE offers a range of exciting journeys throughout Europe from London to Istanbul.

The VSOE is composed of seven beautifully restored 1920s and 1930s carriages, with two restaurant cars where you can dine on meals prepared by chefs using fresh ingredients. Aboard the train you can enjoy Champagne and cocktails in the Bar Car, or relax in your cabin as it is transformed into an intimate bedroom at night.

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express (VSOE) journey from London to Venice starts at £2,650 per person for a one way trip, or £3,850 per person for a return trip (inclusive of all meals).

There’s something about train rides that makes you feel like you’re suspended in time and space, removed from the bustle of everyday life. The experience is even better when you’re traveling on a luxury train, complete with a personal attendant, fine dining served on china, and a glass of champagne to sip while gazing out the window. Here are 10 top luxury trains where you can sit back and enjoy the ride:

The Blue Train, South Africa

The Blue Train offers two 27-hour journeys from Cape Town to Pretoria or vice versa, which includes an overnight stay in Pretoria or Cape Town. The cost includes meals and drinks as well as afternoon tea upon your arrival. The train features mahogany paneling, Persian rugs, and a private lounge for guests.

Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman is Scotland’s only luxury sleeping car train. The journey takes passengers through the Scottish Highlands, with stays at country estates along the way. The cost includes all meals and drinks as well as off-train excursions such as salmon fishing and archery lessons.

Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Climb aboard this luxury sleeper train for a romantic trip between Venice and London or Paris

Train travel is becoming increasingly popular, offering a realistic alternative to air. Train travel is also more eco-friendly than air travel. And, as with any other mode of transport, there are luxurious train travel experiences available for those looking for something extra special.

1. Luxury Train Club members have access to discounted fares on the most luxurious trains in the world including Venice Simplon Orient Express, Royal Scotsman, the Golden Eagle Danube Express and the Eastern and Oriental Express.

2. The Venice Simplon Orient Express offers a nostalgic experience, with 1920s Art Deco interiors and dining cars offering gourmet cuisine. The train departs from London and Paris and heads to Venice via Switzerland and Milan.

3. The Rocky Mountaineer travels between Vancouver and Calgary or Banff through the Canadian Rockies. Seated in glass domed cars, passengers can enjoy spectacular views of glacier lakes, mountain peaks and waterfalls from their seats or from the outdoor viewing platform at the rear of the train.

4. The Royal Scotsman departs Edinburgh on 3-day and 6-day tours of Scotland, passing through some of Scotland’s finest scenery including Loch Lomond and Gleneagles golf course before heading to Cairngorm Mountains National Park or Highlands of

For some travelers, getting there is half the fun. For others, it’s all about the destination. But for those who love to ride the rails, the journey is everything! From stunning scenery to gourmet cuisine to lavish accommodations and more, these luxury train rides are a fabulous way to see the world.

1. The Orient Express (London, Paris, Venice)

2. Royal Canadian Pacific (Calgary, Vancouver)

3. Rocky Mountaineer (Alberta, British Columbia)

4. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (London, Paris, Venice)

5. The Ghan (Darwin/Adelaide)

6. Belmond Grand Hibernian (Dublin)

7. Rovos Rail (Pretoria/Cape Town)

8. Pride of Africa (Johannesburg/Cape Town/Darwin)

The train rattles onwards, the sun is shining, there’s a cup of tea in one hand and with the other you can gaze out of the window at some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. There is nothing quite like travelling by train, especially if it’s a luxury train ride. Here we take a look at some amazing journeys you can take on some of the world’s finest trains.

The Orient Express was how most people imagined luxury train travel to be back in the 1920s, and it is still synonymous with elegance and style today. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express runs from London to Venice between March and November every year, stopping off at Paris, Verona and other cities along the way. The route is unchanged from the original 1920s journey, and passengers can enjoy glamorous dining cars, spacious cabins with ensuite bathrooms and beautiful views from large picture windows as they journey through Europe.

You may have heard of this famous train, but did you know that there are actually three different trains? The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express runs from Moscow to Vladivostok along the Trans-Siberian Railway. The Golden Eagle Danube Express takes travellers on a journey from Budapest to Istanbul via Bucharest and Sofia.

Flying can be a real hassle at times. It’s a hassle to get to the airport, it’s a hassle to go through security, and the whole time you’re wondering if you remembered to turn off the iron. Then, once you’re on the plane and actually in the air, there are still more inconveniences. The food’s bad, the seats are small, and sometimes it seems like you spend half your time just waiting in line for the bathroom.

If you’re tired of all that, why not try traveling via luxury train? You don’t have to take your shoes off or worry about losing your luggage; instead, you can sit back and relax as you travel across some of the most beautiful routes in the world and dine on delicious gourmet cuisine.

We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite luxury trains from around the globe. Hop on board!

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