Why the Robinson R-22 Helicopter is a Great Choice for a Private Aircraft

The Robinson R-22 helicopter, manufactured by the Robinson Helicopter Company of Torrance, California, is a two-seat light utility helicopter. This helicopter is one of the most popular helicopters in the world. The R-22 was first introduced in 1979 and has been used to train more students than any other aircraft. It’s also used by many flight schools as an introductory aircraft for new pilots.

The Robinson R-22 is a great choice for a private aircraft because it’s fast and efficient. The best thing about this helicopter is how cheaply it operates per hour. In fact, the R-22 costs less than half of what other private aircraft cost to maintain annually.

The R-22 has a fuel capacity of 32 gallons that hold enough fuel for a flight time of up to 2 hours (with reserves). The cruise speed is 76 mph with an average fuel consumption per hour of 18 gallons at 14,000 feet elevation while traveling at 155 knots (178 mph).

The Robinson R-22 is a great choice for a private aircraft. This helicopter has been in production since 1979, and over 3,500 have been produced. The R22 is used extensively for training and personal use. If you are looking for an affordable helicopter for your flight school or personal use the Robinson R-22 might be the perfect helicopter for you.

The Robinson R22 is a very popular training helicopter due to its low initial purchase price, low operating costs, and excellent flying characteristics. The two-seat R22 is also popular with flight schools because it offers good visibility and is easy to fly. It has a single main rotor with a semi-rigid two blade system and anti-torque tail rotor.

The cost to buy an R22 new from the factory is around $250,000 USD but you can find used Robinson R22 helicopters for sale at much more affordable prices. Many flight schools will sell their used Robinson helicopters when they get close to their overhaul time. Overhaul time on an R22 helicopter is 2400 hours or 12 years, whichever comes first.

An older Robinson R-22 that needs to be overhauled will sell for around $80,000 USD while a newer model that does not need an overhaul can sell for over $

The Robinson R-22 Helicopter is a great choice for those looking to purchase a private aircraft. These helicopters are known for their efficiency, fuel efficiency and cost effectiveness. They are also known as the most affordable option on the market and many pilots choose them as a start to their career as they can easily transition into larger helicopters when it comes time to upgrade.

The Robinson R-22 is a two place, light utility helicopter that has been in production since 1979. The helicopter was developed by Frank Robinson, who previously worked on the Bell 47 helicopter which is one of the first commercially successful helicopters. The R-22 uses a two-bladed rotor with a Lycoming 0-360 engine that produces about 180 horsepower.

The Robinson R-22 is an ideal choice for private owners looking for an economical way to own and operate their own aircraft. The helicopter has been used for numerous purposes over the years including agriculture, flight training, aerial photography and search and rescue operations. The helicopter’s low cost makes it attractive to private operators who want to add another dimension to their business or personal life.

The Robinson R-22 is an efficient, cost effective helicopter that is a great choice for private users. When you are looking to invest in a helicopter, you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. The R-22 is a reliable aircraft with a proven track record.

The R-22 was designed by Frank Robinson, who started his company in 1973 and built his first helicopter in 1975. This light utility helicopter has two seats and one main rotor, which makes it more maneuverable than helicopters with two rotors.

Robinson Helicopter Company is certified as an airframe manufacturer and ships helicopters directly to customers all over the world. In 2012 alone, the company shipped more than 400 R-22s and R-44 helicopters worldwide.

To date, there have been more than 10,000 helicopter deliveries from Robinson, making it the world’s largest manufacturer of civil helicopters.

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The Robinson R-22 is one of the most popular helicopters in the world, and for good reason. It’s light, efficient, and reliable. While other helicopters may offer more power or more speed, the R-22 is a great choice for private owners on a budget. Here are some of the reasons why:

The R-22 has been around since 1979, which means there are plenty of them available on the used market. That makes maintenance easy, and it also makes it possible to find a mechanic with experience working on them. It also means you can buy one at a price that fits your budget.

R-22s are pretty small, which allows them to fit into even small hangars if you have one available. The same size makes them suitable for use in smaller airports where larger aircraft can’t land. And because they’re so light and maneuverable they can land in places no other aircraft could possibly get to.

The rotor blades are designed to fold back against the fuselage when not in use, which cuts down on storage space requirements and reduces drag while the aircraft is in flight. You can fly farther without refueling than you ever could in any other helicopter.

The Robinson R-22 is a two-bladed light utility helicopter manufactured by the Robinson Helicopter Company. It was first flown in 1975, and since then has become one of the most popular private helicopters. The R-22 was designed as an economical and reliable helicopter for commercial use, particularly for flight training.

The R-22 is relatively small, with a maximum gross weight of 1,850lbs and a length of just 29 feet 7 inches. The helicopter uses a single Lycoming 0-360 piston engine to drive the main rotor and tail rotor. This is the same airframe used by the US Army in their TH-67 training helicopters.

The R-22’s small size means that it can land in areas where larger aircraft cannot fly. Additionally, it requires very little maintenance and can be stored in smaller hangars than many other aircraft.

The Robinson R22 is a great choice for helicopter flight training, because it is cost effective, easy to maintain and has a great safety record. The R22 has been in production since 1979, making it one of the most popular helicopters for private pilots around the world. It is an extremely efficient aircraft that can be flown with minimal fuel consumption making it more cost effective than other aircraft. The R22’s popularity with private pilots comes from its ability to operate in rugged conditions and its lightweight frame and simple design.

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