1ST CLASS FLIGHT – Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the inaugural post of Ukrainian Airlines 1st Class Flight blog! It’s a place where you will find the most up-to-date information about our First Class service. I will also be sharing my thoughts on the latest news and events, as well as useful tips that will help you make the most of your top-class flight with us.

I know what it feels like to fly in First Class. I’ve worked as a flight attendant for Ukrainian Airlines for more than 10 years now, so I can tell you exactly what goes on behind the scenes to make your First Class flight experience an unforgettable one.

In this blog, I hope to cover every aspect of flying in style, from premium cabin food and entertainment options to gourmet meals prepared by celebrity chefs and luxurious amenities that will help you relax and unwind while in the air.

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Behind the scenes, a lot goes into making your first class flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. From the fresh food to the constantly clean surfaces to the friendly smiles, there’s a lot that happens before you even get on the plane.

Food preparation

The chef is responsible for creating your tasty menu options and ensuring that they are high quality and delicious. Then, our catering team will deliver those meals to the airport, where they will be loaded onto the aircraft.


The cleaning crew makes sure that everything, from the seats to window shades to bathrooms, is perfectly clean and sanitized for your flight. They also check that everything works properly – from the lights to entertainment screens.

Aircraft loading and unloading

Before each flight, our ground handling team loads the aircraft with all of the necessary items, including food and beverages, cleaning supplies, luggage and more. The cargo team then secures everything in place before takeoff. Then, once you have landed at your destination, they will unload all of those items so they can be delivered to their next destination.

It’s hard enough to travel in comfort with one piece of luggage. Imagine how difficult it would be with one hundred!

One hundred pieces of luggage belong to every one of our First Class guests on board our long-haul flights. To ensure that they reach their final destination, we need to carefully coordinate the entire process at Munich Airport together with various partners. Our baggage handling department is in charge here.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes!

I had the pleasure of flying on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Frankfurt to Toronto. I am a huge fan of this aircraft which is a completely new design that uses lighter materials and advanced technology to give passengers a more comfortable flight. The windows are larger, the air is cleaner and it has better humidity. It also has bigger overhead bins that can accommodate larger carry-on bags (which means no more gate checking!)

So, you can imagine my delight when I found out that the passengers in row 1 would have 1-2-1 seating, giving them direct aisle access. I was lucky enough to be in seat 1A which meant that I had a window seat, aisle access, and nobody would be climbing over me during the flight! The only downside was that 1A is not a lie-flat seat, so it wasn’t as luxurious as some of the other seats on the aircraft. But it was still very comfortable and we were served an excellent meal with wine.

This flight was operated by Air Canada but it did not carry Air Canada’s livery – it was painted like one of Air Canada’s low-cost carriers, Rouge. Rouge currently operates many of Air Canada’s international flights, including all flights to Europe except for London and Paris. This is

The Boeing 777-200 is the backbone of our long haul fleet, and one of four aircraft types we have in our wide-body fleet. As we’ve been flying more passengers than ever before, this aircraft has become a mainstay for us on transcontinental flights and to several international destinations.

Before I get into the fun stuff, let’s talk specs. The 777-200 is 209 feet long with a wingspan of 199 feet. It has two GE90 engines, which can produce up to 115,000 pounds of thrust each. The GE90s are the most powerful commercial jet engines in the world. We don’t fly anything bigger than this plane out of Newark (EWR), but we do fly a B777-300ER – an Extended Range B777 – out of JFK (JFK).

Traveling is an experience from which we get to know new cultures, make new friends and try new experiences.

Traveling by plane is probably one of the most exciting ways to start a trip, but it can also be nerve-racking. At least for me.

I am not so much afraid of flying, but I am afraid of turbulence and not being able to sleep during the flight. So I have made it my mission to sleep as well as possible during the flight. And because I like sharing with you guys, I thought it would be fun to share my tips and tricks on how to survive a long-haul flight in economy class with you!

Ukrainian airlines are changing their service on long haul flights.

Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) has announced that they will be introducing a new first class service on their B777-200ER aircraft, which will operate the new route between Kiev Borispol Airport and New York’s JFK airport.

The aircraft will be configured in three classes with 30 seats in business class, 20 seats in economy plus and 227 seats in economy class. The new first class cabin will comprise of a total of six seats, each of which convert into fully flat beds measuring 7ft 8in (2.34m).

There’s an important distinction between the two types of people who get things done, makers and managers.

Makers need time to think, and preferably not to be interrupted for more than a few minutes at a time. But managers need to spend much of their time communicating: explaining to individuals why they should do what the manager wants; persuading groups of people, as in presentations; or simply understanding the issues faced by those they manage. Managers are intermediaries: their job is to exchange information, sometimes to act on it themselves, but more often simply to transmit it so others can act.

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