Mega-yacht helipad installed in Monaco for super rich

When you have a mega-yacht or super yacht with all the luxury trimmings it is not enough to just have a helipad. It has to be something special. You can see the spectacular helipad of the luxury yacht Amore Mio in Monaco. The helipad was installed by Helipads of Monaco in just one night.

The most expensive yacht helipads are installed at the top of the superstructure and will cost about 300,000 Euro for installation and about 50,000 Euro for maintenance every year. That does not include the maintenance costs for the helicopter, which will run about 1 million Euro per year.

When you have a large yacht, you need a large helicopter. Most owners go with an Airbus Helicopters H145 or AgustaWestland AW139 as they hold up to nine persons and are fast enough to get you where you need to be quickly.

Prince Albert II of Monaco has installed the world’s most expensive helipad on his private yacht. The helipad was custom-built in Germany and cost nearly $12 million. The prince’s luxury yacht, named “Topaz,” is the second largest yacht in the world.

The helipad is made of carbon fiber. It has a safety net that extends for 4 meters around it, and it can hold about 50 tons. It is also equipped with a fire protection system, a non-slip surface, and a bar to help passengers keep their balance during takeoff and landing.

The Topaz is 535 feet long and has eight decks. Prince Albert II bought it in 2012 for approximately $500 million.

The super rich have just taken another step up in the world of luxury with the installation of a helipad on the roof of a Monaco apartment block. The helipad was installed for a client who bought the penthouse and needed a landing pad for his helicopter.

The helipad is now owned by the apartment block, but made to measure for one particular client who bought the penthouse. It will be shared with other residents of the block.

Although not a first, this is still an unusual feature and isn’t something you see every day on an apartment block. It even took special permission from Prince Albert as it had to be installed outside the building limits.

It’s certainly an impressive addition to an already impressive building, and I’m sure will come in handy for any future clients with their own helicopter.

A helipad, or heliport, is a place where helicopters can land, take off and refuel. Helipads are not only used by the military but also by emergency services, law enforcement agencies, offshore oil platforms and other industrial facilities, as well as medical transport services and private individuals.

Helipads are usually located on top of buildings or on the roof of parking garages to avoid obstructing skyscrapers in densely built-up areas.

In addition to the actual landing pad or platform, a helipad also needs an approach area and an obstacle free perimeter. The size of a helipad depends on the size of the helicopter for which it is designed. A special helicopter landing pad can be installed on a yacht in order to facilitate landing operations at sea.

The most expensive helipads ever built are located on luxury yachts owned by billionaires like Microsoft founder Paul Allen or Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The cost for such installations varies between €1 million (helipad on yacht) or up to €3 million (helipad with hangar).

We are proud to announce that we have just finished installing a helipad on one of the most extravagant mega yachts in the world. This was a challenging project for our team, but it is always great to work with such enthusiastic people.

The owner wanted a helipad with a stunning design, both for its technology and aesthetics, and that is exactly what we delivered. This helipad will be completely customised to match the yacht’s interior, with carbon fibre and red stitching on the leather flooring.

This week a new yacht arrived at the Monaco harbor, with a helipad that can accommodate a helicopter with a maximum takeoff weight of 1.5 tonnes was installed. The mega-yacht is named “Vikram” and it is registered in the Cayman Islands. Vikram has a length of 58 meters and features an interior design by Cor D. Rover Design.

The superyacht Vikram will be delivered to her owner this summer and marks the first yacht of the Art of Life Yachts brand and it will become one of the most luxurious yachts in existence. The mega-yacht has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure, which makes her extremely strong, but also very light so she is capable to go faster than most other superyachts.

The Monaco helipad is one of the largest in the world, built to accommodate even the largest aircraft, such as the Airbus H225. The helipad has been designed and built by Helipads of GB with an area of 860 square meters. The helipad was also fully certified by the UK CAA.

The helicopter pad, with a diameter of 30 meters, is made of Duracable, a reinforced concrete that can be used on both ships and buildings.

The project was carried out in three stages:

– 1st phase: platform preparation (excavation, backfilling, installation of drainage pipes)

– 2nd phase: assembly and construction of the platform structure

– 3rd phase: installation of safety equipment (autonomous landing system and precision approach radar)

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