How to Pick the Best Seat for your next flight

How to Pick the Best Seat for your next flight: a guide about picking seats on your next flight.

The most common question I’m asked is, what is the best seat on an airplane? It’s a very difficult question to answer because it depends on so many factors. For example, if you’re going to be traveling with your family, then the bulkhead row is generally a good choice since you can board early and have plenty of legroom. However, there are some trade-offs to this seat selection as well – if you’re going to be traveling with children and plan on taking advantage of the bassinet, then you don’t have that option in the bulkhead rows. So, how do you decide?

In general, I try to avoid sitting in an aisle seat because I think it’s too easy for people to bump into you or maybe even spill something in your lap. But window seats are good too because you don’t have someone trying to climb over you when they need to go to the lavatory (which for me happens about every two hours). Another consideration is whether or not there’s a seat in front of you that reclines. If there is and it’s occupied by someone who insists on reclining during meal service, then that can

How to Pick the Best Seat for your next flight

Picking a seat on your next flight can be a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of factors to consider, which may not always be clear when you make your reservation.

When booking a flight, most people just choose a seat at random or choose the default seat assigned by the airline. If you don’t particularly care where you sit, that’s probably fine; but if you’re like me and want to have control over where you sit on a plane, this guide is for you.

This guide is meant to help make choosing your seat easier by providing some useful information about the different types of seats available on planes and some tips for choosing one that will work best for you.

Choosing the right seat can make a long flight much more comfortable. On international flights, you’ll want to select the best seat on your aircraft when booking your flight, since you may be flying for 10 or more hours. But there is usually an extra cost for selecting the best seats, so it’s good to know what you’re paying for.

The best seats on an airplane aren’t necessarily in first class. These days, many airlines charge extra fees for first-class tickets, and the extra room and service is often not worth the price. Instead, I look for economy seats that provide maximum comfort and convenience.

Here’s my guide to choosing the best seat on your next flight.

The biggest advantage to booking early is that you get the first crack at all the seats. And remember: Most airlines hold back some seats until the last minute, so only about half of the seats are available in advance.

You can book flights on a number of websites, but Orbitz is one of our favorites. When you search for flights, make sure you check off the box that says “Show adjacent seats.” This will give you a seat map that shows all the available seats at once, which makes it easy to find a good seat.

One last tip: Make sure you know what kind of plane your flight will be using. Some planes have better seats than others, and you can’t pick a good seat on a plane if you don’t know where the good seats are on that plane. has guides to every plane with maps and notes about each seat’s pros and cons.

Frequent fliers, especially those that travel for business, know all too well the inconvenience of a middle seat. But what if you could eliminate this problem with just a few clicks?

If you’re not familiar with Seat Guru, it’s a tool that allows you to search for your airline and flight number and find the best seat on the plane. (You can also download its app from iTunes.) It’s a simple but extremely useful tool that can make flying a lot more comfortable.

SeatGuru was created to help travelers choose the best seats and in-flight amenities on hundreds of aircrafts. It offers detailed seat maps and reviews for over 700 airplanes and more than 100 airlines, including Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines and United.

To find the best seat on your next flight, simply enter your airline name and flight number into SeatGuru’s search box. The results will display an interactive seating chart that shows which seats are good and which ones should be avoided at all costs.

For example, when I searched for Air Canada flight AC 039 from Toronto to Las Vegas I discovered that most of the economy class seats have extra legroom but some don’t recline at all while other “preferred” seats cost $20-$

If the seats are booked up and the only options left are in row 50, then take the aisle seat. You’ll have more room to stretch your legs, and you won’t have to hop over passengers or climb over seats if you need to get out.

If you’re traveling with a companion and there are two window seats open on either side of the plane, always pick the seat on the left side of the plane. In case of an emergency landing, most planes will evacuate from the left side. That way you can get out faster and make sure your companion gets off safely too.

If you’re traveling with a partner and only middle seats are available, do not pick seats that are next to each other. You will block access for other people trying to get out of their seats in an emergency.

If you are unable to choose your own seat, do not panic! If you check in online 24 hours before your flight time (or at least 2 hours beforehand), airlines will often give you a better seat than they would if you check in at the airport. Airlines open up better seats closer to takeoff time because they know more people will book those seats as they become available.

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