How We Got You The Cheap Flights You Earned

This post will be about how we got you the cheap flights you earned, and how you can do it to.

“I want to book a flight as soon as possible in January from Chicago to Los Angeles.”

This is an easy thing for me to get done, but I’d like to talk about how I did it. And how you can do it too!

It starts with a credit card – any credit card that gives rewards points. There are many, many of them out there (American Express, Chase, etc.) and they all have some way of getting you points. Once you’ve got your credit card, sign up for their rewards program. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start earning points!

The first step is to spend money on things that give you points. For example, let’s say I spend $1 on groceries at Walmart; I’ll earn 2 points! If I spend $2 on gas at Shell, I’ll earn 4 points! Be sure to keep track of where you’ve spent your money (i.e., which store), and what amount of money was spent. This is so that later on we can check if the store has a promotion going on for more points earned per dollar spent!

Next up is

After a week of researching credit cards, reading articles, and going back and forth with our friends and family, we have finally decided on the best credit card to get to book cheap flights.

We were recently in search of a new travel credit card to help us get the cheapest flights possible. We knew that if we were going to finally get a credit card, it had to be the one that would give us the most bang for our buck. After all, if you’re going to use a credit card, you might as well earn rewards for it!

When we started our search for the perfect credit card, there were many factors that played into our decision. We knew that we wanted a card that would give us points or miles towards travel – because who doesn’t want free flights? But at the same time, we wanted a card that wasn’t going to make it impossible to pay off our balances.

If you have the right credit card, you can get over $1,000 in free travel. And not just plane tickets! You can also earn points for hotels and rental cars.

If you’re a student, you’ve probably seen ads on your school’s website or around campus. You might have even heard of credit cards offering perks like this, but thought they weren’t worth it.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to book a flight and save hundreds of dollars on airfare using points earned with your credit card.

We’ll show you exactly how we booked a flight for nearly free: Paying only $11 for a ticket that would have normally cost $290!

Now that the second card has been charged, it’s time to book your flight. We’re going to use the points we earned from our first card to get you the cheapest flight possible.

The best way to do this is to start by looking at what flights are available with your miles. Then we’ll find the cheapest among those flights and see if we can get a better deal by paying cash.

To find a flight, go to United’s website and click on “Book Travel with Miles” under the “Miles & Awards” tab along the top of the page. This will open up their award search engine, which allows you to search for flights using miles from all of their partner airlines.

We could try searching for flights from JFK or LaGuardia (the two closest airports), but there are so many of them that it would take forever to do a thorough search. So we’re just going to look for flights from Newark, which is far enough away that it limits our options but still gives us lots of choices.

We’ll also make sure we travel on both directions in the same cabin so that we can earn more miles from our trip. We’ll put in a 6-month window around our dates, since award availability can be quite tricky and

So you’ve racked up a lot of credit card rewards points and you’re looking to use them for travel?

When we first started out, we were often frustrated by how difficult it was to find which airlines would give us the best bang for our buck. Between different frequent flyer programs, blackout dates, airline alliances and all the other jargon that flies around (pun intended), finding cheap flights can be frustrating.

That’s why we decided to create this site. A place where you could easily find the cheapest flights and book them with your credit card points.

It’s pretty simple really. We scour the web for the cheapest flights, then show you what your miles will get you. So if you’re looking to use your rewards points to book flights, start here!

Hi there,

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Your friend has been telling you about an amazing trip they took with their credit card points. You’ve been sitting at home thinking about how sweet it would be to do the same thing, but you have no idea how to get started.

Let’s start with the basics. Credit cards are a great way to earn points that can be used for flights, and you should look for a card that offers good rewards on travel and other spending categories. But don’t use your credit card to overspend – make sure you’re still paying off your entire statement balance every month. (If you’re not ready to commit to using a credit card responsibly, you can learn more by reading our blog post “Credit Card Myths Debunked”.)

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