mi 17 Eager to hear about collaboration opportunities.

Hi Eager to hear about collaboration opportunities.

This is Mike from mi 17, the world’s first mobile-first digital insurance system. We have been using AI and machine learning to build a better insurance system that is more transparent, faster, and cheaper than any other.

We are currently working with several global partners and would love to know if you would be interested in a partnership as well. I am visiting New York next month and can meet up then.

Please let me know if this is something you would like to discuss further.



I’m at the 17th floor in mi 17. I really enjoyed our conversation last week about the collaboration opportunities for [company name].

I’ve been thinking about your questions, and have come up with three ideas that I think might work well. I’d love to chat more about these. The next steps would be:

– Outline a plan for how we can best collaborate.

– Create a timeline that fits within your goals.

I’ve attached a few notes from our conversation, so hopefully we can jump right back in when you’re ready to continue. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your consideration. I am eager to hear about collaboration opportunities.

Best regards,

Milo Miller

Hi Dhruv,

I’m looking to hire a team of marketers for a new startup I’m launching. I’m eager to hear about collaboration opportunities. Can you give me a call today at 415-503-0007?



We are looking to partner with other companies and would be eager to hear about collaboration opportunities. Please let us know if you have any ideas.


I’m an iOS developer who is interested in creating a better user experience for people with disabilities. I am passionate about mentoring and teaching others as well. As a teacher at CodePath, I enjoy mentoring and teaching engineers how to develop mobile apps. I also currently work as a Software Engineer at Zynga where I work on the FarmVille 2: Country Escape team developing features, fixing bugs and maintaining legacy code.

I am very eager to hear about any collaboration opportunities, product ideas or projects that you would like to share with me.

Thanks for your time!

Best Regards,

Minh Thang Nguyen

Will you be in town next week?

I am having a small dinner party on Tuesday, would love if you could attend!



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