How A Flight Attendant Can Save You Money

A flight attendant can help you get a cheaper ticket.

You read that right! At many airlines, when you book your ticket over the phone, there is an option for agents to mark a reservation as a “Friend or Family” fare. This means that the agent has discounted your ticket either for the reason that you know someone at the airline, or are traveling on behalf of someone who does.

The agent will ask you if you are booking under this status; otherwise, they cannot discount your ticket.

But why would an airline do that? Airlines offer these discounts to entice family and friends of employees to fly with them rather than their competitors. They want to gain loyalty with their own employees and give them incentive to talk up the airline with their friends and family.

Airlines don’t advertise these fares because they want employees to be able to give these discounts out of goodwill and not be put in a situation where they may feel obligated to do so.

This policy is in place at most major airlines, but not all. I have successfully used it at Delta and Alaska Airlines. I usually save between $50-$75 per round trip ticket. That’s a lot of money!

When it comes to airline booking, you have to be smart. You have to use the right keywords, choose the right dates and times, and even know who to talk to. A flight attendant can save you money by using insider knowledge of airline booking systems. Here are some tips on how you can save money:

1. Know the Right Keywords

A travel agent will frequently use a specific set of keywords when searching for flights. These keywords will often get different results than those used by a consumer, allowing them access to more deals. For example, an agent may be able to get a better deal by searching for “round-trip” rather than “return.”

2. Find Out When the Best Time Is To Buy Your Ticket

A flight attendant has inside information about which days are cheaper than others. They know that Tuesday is historically one of the most popular days for discounted fares and can help you plan your trip accordingly. They also know that certain times of day and week are less busy than others, meaning there is more availability at lower prices.

3. Read Reviews of Airlines

Many airlines have their own forums where customers can leave reviews of the service they received while flying with them. These reviews can provide valuable insight into which airlines offer great service and which

Recently, I came across a similar question on The person asked“How can I get a cheap flight?” I found it to be the perfect topic for this week’s blog post!

One of the best ways to save money is by using your travel professional (aka Flight Attendant). There are many reasons why you should use a travel professional when booking your travels.

1- When you book an airline ticket with a major airline, we generally have access to unpublished fares that are not available online. These fares are usually cheaper than what you find online, and if they aren’t, we can usually price match to the lowest fare that you find online.

2- We have access to many different airlines, including cheap domestic airlines like Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air, as well as discount international airlines like Ryanair, Eurowings, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and WOW Air just to name a few. And we don’t just sell flights on these airlines but also package deals that include roundtrip airfare + hotel accommodations or roundtrip airfare + car rental.

3- We have access to special rates at hotels around the world and can help you find the best rates possible wherever you’re traveling. Some of my favorite websites

Traveling is a great way to see the world, but you might be surprised at how little airline employees actually travel. As a flight attendant, I have the opportunity to see the world and get paid for it. But most flight attendants don’t even use their own benefits! There are so many ways that we can save you money when booking your trip.

Not only can we offer advice on where to go, and save you money by getting you lower prices on tickets, we also know all the tricks of the trade that will make your journey more enjoyable. We know which flights are better than others, which airports are easier to connect through, and what hidden charges certain airlines like to tack on to your tickets. In short, we can do everything that a travel agent will do for you and more!

The most popular advantage to booking with a flight attendant is the ability to standby for a lower fare.

The reason that this is possible is because flight attendants are paid a portion of their total compensation in the form of travel benefits. So if you are traveling on our ticket, you are essentially helping us use our benefit.

All airlines have different policies regarding the amount of travel benefits. But all airlines allow at least one companion to travel with them at discounted fares. Some airlines require that your companion travels on the exact same itinerary as the flight attendant while others allow some flexibility in routing and fare class.

You may also be able to take advantage of free or reduced hotel rates. Many airlines have an agreement with specific hotel chains in which they will offer discounted rates to airline employees. Sometimes these rates can even be extended to passengers traveling on a flight attendant ticket or pass.

I am a flight attendant.

I have been a flight attendant since 2005, which is fairly long enough to know what I’m doing. I’ve flown around the world and back, met some of the nicest people and some not-so-nice people, and learned what it means to be professional.

As a flight attendant, I work for an airline that offers me a great discount on flights. I also get discounts on rental cars and hotels as well. All airlines offer their employees these perks, so if you’re looking to save money on your next trip, here’s what you need to do.

Find out how much your ticket would cost normally. Then add $10-$20 to it, call the airline and ask for the “buddy pass” department (or whatever it’s called for that airline), then tell them you need to buy a buddy pass for your friend who works for them. Tell them how much your ticket would normally cost and then ask how much it would be with the employee discount. They will give you a price and then you pay them over the phone with your credit card. It’s that simple.

As for car rentals and hotel rooms, just go online or call the companies directly (Hertz, Avis, Hilton

As a flight attendant there are several questions we get asked on a regular basis. One of them is: “How can I get an upgrade?”

The answer is simple: Be nice, be patient and be honest.

There are a lot of ways to get upgraded while you’re traveling. Here are some of the best methods.

Be nice, be patient and be honest

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